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January 18, 2017


Hopefully, by now readers of the Rant know any mass shooting is a hoax. No one died at Lauderdale Airport. no one was wounded, and no shots were fired. No one died at Sandy Hoax, the Batman movie, the Pulse in Orlando, Boston non-bombing, or Dylann Roof in Charleston. The point is to further increase the police state, take away your constitutional rights, and to ban all guns completely. 99% of the sheeple are so stupid they don't even question these fake events. "My government would never do that!" "My government" your rear end!!!  This is the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. The fake shooting was in the red Terminal 2. David Muir on ABC News interviewed a fake witness who was in purple Terminal 3. She couldn't have seen or heard anything at all. You can see they are totally and completely separate. Terminal 2 could burn down and people in Terminal 1 or 3 would be completely unaware of it. Every day there are more Google entries proving this is just another DHS hoax with crisis actors.


He was sentenced to death for nothing. He didn't kill 9 black people. He is anything but a "white supremacist". His Facebook page was full of black friends. He socialized with young black people. They speak well of him. He is a low I.Q. government DHS dupe. More fake DHS mass murders. Just Google "Dylann Roof hoax" and you'll get pages and pages facts to prove all this. 99% of the sheeple will swallow this transparent crap. Why were 9 black families given $29 million of your tax money?  What does that have to do with anything? Where did that law come from?



The Trump honeymoon is already ending as you read this. People are seeing he was just telling the sheeple what they wanted to hear. He didn't mean any of it. Things are just going to continue to get worse from here. Trump inherited the Titanic, and couldn't do anything even if he wanted to. He IS the elite. He IS the establishment. He IS Israel.

Here are some things you can expect this year:

   *Trump will soon be seen for what he is- another Zionist sock puppet

   *His appointed swamp monsters will continue to destroy America

   *Gold will go up after a six year bear market

   *Silver will go up after a six year bear market

   *Holding or using cash will more and more be penalized- the war on cash!

   *The dollar will stall out and fall, while inflation keeps rising

   *The stock market is a house of cards and will crash

   *Oil will fall to $40 and stay there

   *Real estate is in the Second Great Bubble and will crash

   *Trump will start a disastrous trade war with China

   *Some kind of serious military conflict is going to happen

   *Unemployment will only get worse, and is already 24%

   *The National Debt will continue to grow relentlessly

   *American standard of living will continue to deteriorate

   *Personal debt will continue to rise

   *The police state will just get worse and worse all the time

   *Auto sales will collapse

   *Tens of millions of cheap, new European-style apartments will be built

   *Bank holiday where no one can access any kind of money at all

   *More fake mass murders

    *Immigration will not be reduced

   *Welfare will not be reduced

   *Martial law is a possibility

   *Gold to silver ratio will fall, and silver will be THE investment of 2017

   *Oprah Winfrey will run for the U.S. Senate+


+O.K., that's a joke


Wal-Mart To Fire 16,000 As It Closes 269 Stores Globally

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer on earth, and they are finally failing. They stupidly agreed to raise salaries due to political pressure. Salaries are determined by the free market, not politics. Giving uneducated, untrained people with little or no ambition more money for breathing is patently ridiculous. Add Sears, Kmart, and Macy's to the long list of failing businesses in America. Every day we are closer to a Third World banana republic without the bananas.




Bonds are the biggest market in the world valued at about $100 trillion. Remember the entire world GWP (gross world product) is only $80 trillion. Bonds are about to go, and the entire world economy with them. Yes, you can make a fortune shorting them, but leave that to very experienced traders. Derivates are not a true regulated market at all. They are unregulated chaos. The derivatives market is an incomprehensible $500 trillion. Yes, you read that right- $500 trillion. More than 600% of the world GWP.

When, not if, they implode the world economy will collapse. Remember all bills get paid all the time every time, either by the buyer or the seller. There is no such thing as an unpaid bill. Don't believe the government claim the U.S. GNP is $17 trillion. It could be $14 trillion on a good day, but you don't see good days anymore.




Remember our unfunded national debt is $200 trillion, not the ridiculous $20 trillion number the government keeps repeating. You'll hear a lot of newsletter writers parrot that preposterous $20 trillion number. That tells you there are clueless and you shouldn't listen to them. What does $200 trillion mean for a country of 320 million people? It means a family of four owes over $2.4 million in debt. Read that again...a family of four owes about two and a half million dollars in debt.



You're going to see a Much Greater Depression that is not comprehensible. That is how this debt will be paid. This will be a worldwide depression that will make the Dark Ages look like Club Med. All debts get paid all the time, every time. The entire planet has gone insane with 7.2 billion people. This truly is End Times, but Jesus isn't coming back.


America only has 5% of the world population, but still produces over 17% of the GWP. That sounds good on the surface, but we're collapsing. We're not manufacturing anymore. Out of 320 million people, we only have 124 million full time workers. Millions of able bodied people are out of work, since the real unemployment rate is about 24%. Many millions have jobs they are overqualified for so they can just pay the rent. None of that is going to improve with Trump as president. None of it. Don't kid yourself. Nothing is going to change. Don't clap and don't cheer. He was elected for two reasons: 1) he told people what they wanted to hear, and 2) it was a vote against Hillary, not a vote for Donald. We just got the Lesser Evil.

Notice Trump stopped saying, "drain the swamp" after he appointed every neocon scumbag he could find. He told the sheeple exactly what they wanted to hear. He meant none of it. He's not even in office, and he's proved that already.




Does any other country on earth give money and benefits to illegal immigrants? If you know of any please write in. We spend 340 billion on criminals who come here illegally. We used to put them in prison. That's where they belong. Now we reward them. To put this in perspective, the entire annual GNP of American is down to $12 trillion. That isn't profit at all, just GNP. Think of how we could improve this country- OR LOWER TAXES- if this insanity was stopped. Another sign of the end of America and End Times for the world. America is the evil empire now, and drowning it it's own psychosis.




It would not matter anymore if we did completely end the "Fed". They have stolen 96 cents our of every dollar. They have no reserves whatsoever, and merely sit around printing counterfeit money out of thin air 24/7. Remember that twelve Zionist banks own the Fed, and have for 103 years now. Their Zionist friends stole all the U.S. gold over 50 years ago.  Shutting down the Fed would, in a real sense, be a non-event. Auditing the Fed is a joke, and the joke is on us. People like Rand Paul, who is pushing this, are simply frauds pretending to be conservatives. If you want a list of the Zionist banks who own the Fed just Google, "who owns the Federal Reserve?" Auditing the Fed is just smoke. It needs to be ended totally and completely.



Everything was pretty reasonable in America until about 1970. We got off the gold and silver standard in 1965, which was a death knell for the dollar. You can see the extreme, insane, psychotic money printing that has gone on for almost 50 years after that. There is only one cause of inflation- counterfeiting money by the government. The media tells you it's some kind of "mystery". There is nothing mysterious about it. The Fed prints green toilet paper by the billions of dollars, and we have hideous inflation. Add the fact that our gold was stolen by the international bankers over 50 years ago, and you really have a problem. The colored paper in your wallet has no value at all. That includes your bank accounts, stocks, and any other dollar denominated asset you have. Zero! This is why you must put your life savings into physical gold and silver bullion. Silver is far better than gold. The current 70 to 1 silver to gold ratio will go back to the historical, traditional 14 to 1 ratio. Silver is therefore five times better than gold. The ratio may actually overshoot and go  to 10 to 1. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth by far. No asset even begins to approach the value of silver as an investment, even gold.


A lot of otherwise intelligent patriots are pushing Bitcoin. Hogwash. Just another digital currency the government can confiscate very easily. If you want a small Bitcoin account to pay Internet bills, that's fine. People who tell you to "protect" your money with Bitcoin are delusional. The entire world is going cashless, digital, computer entry, and this is just more of the same. Only physical gold and silver bullion you hold personally is going to protect you. Yes, you should also have some government green toilet paper (dollars), as the grocery store clerk is not going to understand at first that silver is real money.




For the first time in over 50 years the U.S. does not have one single aircraft carrier deployed anywhere on earth. Every single one of them is docked and inactive. This has not happened since around 1970. Aircraft carriers are outdated antiques, and are sitting ducks for a variety of modern weapons. A single cheap modern weapon can sink an entire ship with no defense at all. Are we expecting war? We’re certainly trying our best to start one. This entire Russian hacking scam is so thin, transparent and, ridiculous it’s not worth talking about. It's just a pretext for starting a nuclear war with Russia. The problem is an attack on Russia is also an attack on China, and a variety of other countries that hate America. We are terribly outgunned and outmanned. Obama is doing his best to start a world war in the days before he leaves office in disgrace.

Eight families own half the entire wealth of this planet.





There are eight states where recreational marijuana is legal: Maine, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Alaska. Add Washington, DC to that list. More states will be added this year.  Marijuana may not be addictive, but it can be very dependence forming. Caffeine, on the other hand, is insidiously addictive, but socially acceptable as well as legal. Pot also makes people foggy minded, stupid, lazy, apathetic, and without ambition. Some people literally make a religion out of it. Others cannot function without it. Now you see people in their 60s and 70s still smoking it. Why make criminals out of them? All drugs should be legal, and marijuana is a good start. People seem to forget the all drugs were legal in America for 127 years until the draconian 1913 Harrison Narcotics Act. Until 1913 you could walk in any drugstore and get any drug that existed for a nickel. Coca Cola was just one of countless beverages and syrups containing cocaine. Drug addiction was rare, and such people were treated as medical problems, not criminals. It is estimated only about 3% of adults had an addiction problem. Drug addicts were shunned by society, which is punishment enough. Being poor, homeless, jobless, sickly, and without friends is about as bad as it gets. Never forget that America has 5% of the world population but 25% of the prison inmates. At least one third are in for drug charges.  Wouldn't it be nice to empty one third of our prisons, fire one third of the judges and prosecutors, make one third of the lawyers jobless, and let the police arrest real criminals? Sounds like a plan. Surprisingly, a lot of police officers want fully legal drugs so they can get serious about their jobs. In many areas 90% of all the police have prior drug use histories. This is now an acceptable factor for their employment, as long as they never take any illegal drugs again.


Gold and silver are looking better and better after an almost six year (April will make six years) bear market. This 27 year chart applies equally to gold. Thanks to Gary Christenson for this great chart. In April 2011 silver peaked at $49. Now it is $17. You see the ratio between silver and the S&P 500. It has clearly bottomed. Buying silver at $17 is buying at the basic cost of production. It's hard to lose. The HUI, GDX, and JNUG also have turned around. Some people say these are merely bear rallies, and the bear market will just soon continue. COT report on the 6th, silver shorts increased 2,000 while gold shorts fell to "only 118,000. The COT report of the 13th was bad. The commercials added 2,000 net silver shorts and 8,000 net gold shorts.




Look at this 20 year chart. The DJI collapsed in late 2002. It really seriously collapsed again all of 2008. Well, you’re going to see a granddaddy collapse in the near future. The Dow may well go to 21,000 or 22,000. Who cares? This has been an eight year roaring bull market without valid foundation. No one knows when it will collapse. Doesn’t matter. Just don’t be in it. Sell your IRA/401k and buy silver bullion. The sheeple will lose half- or more- of their retirement accounts.

High open interest (number of futures contracts) is bad for us. Open interest is terrible with gold and 432,000 and silver at 166,000.



A silver chart would show about the same situation over the last 18 years. We were doing fine until the end of 2016, but the net shorts then took off to almost 350,000. When the commercials are net long, gold and silver will take off. We have a long way to go here.



The stock markets are flashing clear danger signs. The sheeple think Trump has taken over and the DJI will skyrocket to 30,000 as America becomes great again. Horse crap! Nvidia (NVDA) was the best performing S&P 500 stock in 2016. Now it is faltering. Jewish Jim the Conman Cramer is pushing it hard on his Mad Money TV show. Jim always misleads the sheeple; that's what he is paid to do. The leader of the pack is failing? Wowee zowee, that can't be good. The insiders are selling. The market is heavily overbought, and overbought with dumb money, not smart money. The smart money got out of Dodge a long time ago. The P/E (price to earnings) ratios are far too high. There is simply too much exuberance here. When people are too bullish, it's a good time to sell. When they're too bearish, it's a good time to buy.


SILVER WENT UP 14% ($14.00 to $16.30) IN 2016

GOLD WENT UP 6% IN ($1,080 to $1,150) IN 2016

HUI WENT UP 68% (100 to 168) IN 2016

JNUG WENT UP AN AMAZING 200% (2 to 6) IN 2016

GDX WENT UP 60% (14 to 23) in 2016


The risk to reward ratio in stocks is simply terrible. Now you can take that money you've accumulated and buy silver bullion. The risk to reward ratio for silver is incredible. Be thankful you can buy $17 silver in 2017. Remember J.P. Morgan has 550 million ounces of actual bullion in their vaults. The largest repository in the world by far. Do you want to bet against J.P. Morgan or with them?


How can you lose if they are both at basic cost of production? That cost isn't going to go down. You simply can't lose. The demand only gets better as the world economy unravels. If the commercials tried to push either of them below the cost of production, traders around the world would buy all they could get.




The NWO has one thing right...over 90% of the population has to go. We have 7.4 billion people on earth, and we should have only a half billion. 94% need to go if Earth is going to survive and prosper. Let's just round that off to 90%. Just imagine how wonderful life would be with 33 million people in America. China with 140 million people. India with 130 million people. The entire planet with only 500 million. It is fascinating and surprising to look at the reproduction rates of all 224 countries. You need a rate of 2.2 just to maintain your numbers. The 30 African countries outbreed everyone by light years. They are also the  most impoverished, uneducated, and unproductive nations by far. Niger (6.6), Burundi, Mali, Somalia, Uganda, Burkino Fasa, Zambia, Malawi, Angola, (Afghanistan), South Sudan, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Timor-Leste, Benin, Tanzania, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Congo Republic, Congo Democracy, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda, Chad, Togo, Gabon, Sao Tome, and Senegal (4.4) are the worst of the worst. Believe it or not, China is down to 1.6, and India down to "only" 2.5.  White people are dying off like flies. Poland 1.3, Germany 1.4, Austria 1.5, Switzerland 1.6, Canada 1.6, Russia 1.6, Denmark 1.7, Finland 1.8, Belgium 1.8 Sweden 1.9. Japan is only 1.4. The countries with the very lowest birthrates are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea with about 1.1. Jewish people (except Sephardics) are also committing reproductive suicide.  No, we don't have to shoot them, or have purposeful, bioengineered mass epidemics. China did it with laws. India can't do that, as they have a much different society. In every society thru out history the stupidest, laziest and most ignorant always breed the most. The most intelligent and hardest working don't even reproduce their numbers. The gene pool gets worse century after century. Plagues and starvation used to balance all this out. No more. More proof of End Times folks.



Seriously, where is the Whore of Babylon? She disappeared the night of the election.




Bill HR357 has been introduced into the House and Senate. This would allow the sale of gun noise suppressors to anyone who can buy a normal rifle. Thee are NOT "silencers" and they are almost never used in any crimes. Anyone with minor mechanical skills can make their own using directions on the Internet. However, the penalties are terrible. Criminals almost never use suppressors in any crimes at all. Countries like New Zealand freely allow these to protect people from hearing loss. Trump has promised to sign it if it passes the Senate. The anti-gun crowd will go ballistic of course. Remember these are simply not used by criminals. They reduce then noise about 35 decibels, but do not "silence" the weapon. Currently you need an expensive ATF permit and difficult paperwork with a long waiting period.




Until 1967 interracial marriage was banned in 16 states. The Supreme Court overturned this in 1967 in Virginia vs Loving. California was the first state to overturn this law in 1948. As goes California, so goes the nation. Never forget that. The divorce rate for interracial couples is very, very high. 80% is a valid ballpark figure. This is never ever discussed in the media. Quite the contrary, famous mixed race marriages are prominently covered very favorably. The very highest rate is for black men who marry white women. The divorce rate in America is already 50% overall. It is lowest for same race, educated people who marry later in life. In Israel interracial marriage is totally banned, there are no civil services, and Jewish people can only be married by an Orthodox rabbi. In America Jews outmarry more than any other race by far. 58% of all Jews and 71% of non-Orthodox Jews outmarry. This will soon put an end to Judaism. Why don't Jews want to marry other Jews? American Indians also outmarry at an extreme rate. This will soon put an end to Amerindians as well. Why don't Indians want to marry other Indians? Muslims freely intermarry, as the Koran doesn't address race in marriage. Same race marriages have the lowest divorce rates of all, especially for Asians in general. Inter marriage is more popular every year, as seen by the 50 year Gallup chart below. Fifty years ago almost 100% of everyone disapproved of this. Now it is less than 20%. We are clearly headed for a one-light-brown-race society like Brazil. Note that Brazil has a $11,000 per capita GDP, compared to $53,000 in America. Nature made people in a rainbow of colors, and that is disappearing. Yet, another sign of End Times. Everyone should take pride in their racial heritage. You can now get very accurate DNA tests online for only $99. Don't get the advanced $199 kit though. 23andme, and Ancestry are good companies. Spend $99 and learn who and what you are. Be proud of that, and be a good example of your race. If you are of mixed race heritage be proud of all you have inherited. Be happy to be alive on this planet and rejoice in who and what you are. Life is a brief flash of light in the cosmos.


(red is approve, and blue is disapprove)


Isn't that fascinating? One fourth of all Americans of all races would like to outlaw interracial marriage. Many black, Latino, and Asian people are strongly against racial intermarriage. New England and California aren't very enthusiastic about this however. You'll never see facts like this in the media.



Fake Batman Aurora, CO shooter James Holmes has disappeared from the face of the earth! No one died at the Batman movie in 2011. Who is James Holmes? Obviously these are two different people. He was sentenced by Judge Amour in 2015 to four life sentences plus  3,318 years on 164 felony charges. In March, 2016 he was mysteriously moved to a "secret prison". Folks, it is never a secret which prison an inmate is in. You can look this up on Google in one minute. You can find any inmate in America in 60 seconds. He has disappeared because "James Holmes" never existed. Or the real James Holmes died years ago, and a crisis actor or a dupe took over.

His "attorney" is Jewish DHS crisis actress Jennifer Greenberg Sexton. Yes, it is an established fact she is a DHS crisis actress. She was also a grieving parent at Sandy Hoax. Then she was Holme's attorney. Yes, these are the same woman. Is the DHS hoax budget so tight they have to recycle her? Don't they think people are going to figure this out? No one died in Aurora. No one was bombed in Boston. Roof didn't kill black people. No homos were shot at the Pulse.

Grieving Sandy Hoax mother.

Colorado attorney for Holmes.

Five more days and homosexual Obama, his tranny "wife", and two fake kids will be gone. They'll lead a life of luxury on YOUR hard earned tax money. Nothing will change under Trump, and things will get worse and worse by the day.

If you are upset about all the evil people in the world please just remember...

Standing watch for you,



All you women readers out there please take this with a sense of humor...

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