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March 01, 2017

“Most of the work of government does not need to be done. And, if you can remember that, if we could all remember that, this country would be better off.”

“Guns do more than protect us from criminals. More importantly they protect us from the ongoing threat of government.”

Lyn Nofziger said these things back around 1980. Lyn was a chief advisor to President Reagan. This is the kind of man we need today advising Trump, instead of Steve Bannon. Bannon  is a paid Israeli agent. He has promised we’ll go to war with China within five years. Life was still pretty good in America in the 1980s when Reagan was President with men like Lyn at his side. In reality Reagan would often say one thing, then do another. He outspent every single president before him. Too much evil has occurred in the last 30 years, and now we have become the Evil Empire rather than the lighthouse of freedom and prosperity to the world. America is quickly discovering Trump is just another Zionist sock puppet, a tool of the New World Order, and not Our Savior.

David Stockman is another conservative Reagan man. He says it is a "mathematical certainty" the stock markets will crash. He calls this the biggest suckers rally in history, and all based on "hopium". We have a real national debt of over $200 trillion- not the fake $20 trillion the government trots out. Our GNP is down to probably $14 trillion, not the $18 trillion fake government figure. This means our debt to GNP ratio is an insane 14 to 1!!! This has never happened in 241 years of American history. A fourteen times debt to GNP ratio is totally out of touch with reality. The greatest depression the world has ever seen is right ahead of us.


Remember Trump promised to get rid of Obamacarre and replace it with “Trumpcare”. Well, anyone with an I.Q. over 10 could see he wasn’t going to do anything. Six of one, and half dozen of the other. It’s official folks, John Boehner (pronounced “boner”) admitted they are not going to dump Obamacare at all. They’re just going to put some lipstick on it, and claim it’s not really a pig. So, you are stuck with the same disastrous health plan he promised to get rid of.



Jim Rogers is not one of us, but he is one of the richest men in the world. He partnered with George Soros to form the Quantum Fund years ago. That tells you everything you need to know right there. He is one of those pathetic old codgers who marry a woman half his age (third time around) and have babies at 60. Nevertheless it is beneficial to listen to what he has to say. He is calling for a massive worldwide crash of Biblical proportions. You are not going to see him on CNBC anymore if he is going to start telling the truth. Only liars are allowed on CNBC, CNN, Fox, etc. He is not one of us, but he is very rich, very astute, clever, and knows what is going on in the world. George Soros is heavily shot the stock market with high leveraged put options. Old George is not someone to bet against. What does he know that we don't?



Look at this 25 year Barron’s debt to income chart. We have been living over our heads for over a quarter century now. This cannot keep up. Eventually the piper gets paid. You cannot keep accumulating debt year after year after year. Eventually the feces will hit the fan, and this country will see the greatest depression the world has ever seen. All debts get paid all the time, every time either by the buyer or the seller. In this case the American sheeple will pay the debt. The government won’t. The banks won’t. The stock markets won’t. YOU WILL. You will pay the debt unless you prepare for it now.

(Red line is debt and blue line is income.)


The 150 criminals in Berkeley smashed in the windows of Starbucks and Bank of America. They destroyed their own friends and allies. That's how insane they are. Meanwhile the police did nothing, while 150 masked felons rioted in the streets. If they had been conservatives or patriots they would have been shot in the streets. Liberals are above the law obviously. Now they know they can burn, riot, and destroy with impunity.


In January Trump was speaking to top level CIA chiefs. He said he wanted to seize Iraqi oil. While we destroyed their country, we killed millions of innocent children, women, elderly, handicapped, and unarmed men. Now we want to add insult to injury and seize their oil. America has no end to evil.




Look at what has happened in the last 71 years. In 1948 Palestine took in some Jewish refugees. 99% of the land belonged to the Palestinians. Remember the Israel of today has nothing at all to do with the Biblical Israel of 2000 years ago. Jews came from Judea during the time of Christ. Now the Palestinians own a tiny bit of land. They are kept  captive behind fences and walls like criminals. Trump has promised to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Why does this matter? Because it demonstrates the Jews have taken over the country totally and Palestine no longer exists. Jerusalem is their  Holy City and has been for 1,200 years. The Jews refer to them as “cockroaches” to be exterminated for the Greater Expansion of Israel. Menachim Begin in 1982 before the Knesset said, “The Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs.” This map only goes to 2000. Now in 2017 it is much worse.

What would Jesus do?

Immigration has destroyed America. Ted Kennedy opened the flood gates in 1965- over a half century ago- with his insane Immigration Act. America will soon be a Third World mixed race bankrupt backwater like England. History proves all democratic countries self-destruct after about 200 years. It’s been 241 for us.



Trump campaigned on the promise he would do his best to promote peace, avoid war, and get along with Russia and other countries. NATO has foolishly surrounded Russia with military bases. America is doing everything possible to start World War III. Russia, China, Syria, and Iran are minding their own business. Along with Israel, America is still trying to be the World Policeman and start wars everywhere. We seem to forget that Russia and China have formed a military pact. We will be decimated in a nuclear war. That will be the end of America and Israel. We need to close everyone of our 800 plus military bases and bring every solider home today. Our military budget is destroying us as well. Trillions of dollars down the toilet for senseless evil wars of aggression.



The communist 60 Minutes TV show sent a crew to Sweden to prove how successful their refugee program is. They wanted to prove to Americans the refugees are peaceful law abiding people just looking for a better life. Well, they took their cameras to a Turkish neighborhood and got the crap beat out of them just for showing up! The Swedes are the most self destructive nation on earth. They allow the "refugees" to rape their women and do nothing about it. Except deny it of course. The rare time a rapist is prosecuted he gets a slap on the wrist. Music concerts are the most popular places for sexual assaults right in front of hundreds of people. Sweden deserves to cease their existence as a country.




It is more accurate to call them suppressors, not silencers. They reduce gun noise, but do not stop it. It is costly and difficult to get a BATF suppressor license. These are almost never used in crimes. Soon, it may be as easy to buy a suppressor as any rifle. HR367 now has over 100 sponsors in the House. It is called the Hearing Protection Act. The BATF has agreed it is good law. Trump has promised to sign it if passed. These were perfectly legal for 158 years until 1934. Anyone can get easy directions online to make their own, but rarely actually do that.  Also Senate Bill S446 would allow anyone with a concealed carry permit to use it in every state. This is the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill. Yes, a resident of, say, North Carolina could legally carry their pistol in gun-hating states like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.



America and Israel are the last empires on earth and they will self destruct. 2000 years of history proves conclusively that empires always destroy themselves. We have invaded 70% of this earth in our endless greed for power. Israel is trying to take over the entire Mideast with their Greater Israel Expansion empire. Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Iran stand in their way. Iraq and Libya have already been destroyed. We should have no troops at all outside of the U.S. There is no reason to have one solider outside of our borders. We have over 800 military bases in over 70 countries!!!  We should close every single one of them today. We should bring every single solider home today. Especially the National Guard troops.

(Thanks to Statista for this great chart.)



Liberal Chick has a real future- a future making minimum wage. Paying off tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Never having a real job skill or education. Being poor and deeply in debt the rest of her life. Socialism is the equal sharing of misery and poverty.


House Bill Resolution 10 will allow Trump to attack Iran for any reason, or no reason at all. No Congressional approval, no nothing. You can believe Russia and China will not even think of tolerating this. All this is done for the sake of Israel of course. Syria and Iran are in the way of the Greater Israel Expansion empire. Israel has a MASSIVE nuclear arsenal that you, the taxpayer, bought for them. Iran and Syria- and the rest of the mideast- have no nuclear weapons at all. Why is Israel allowed a huge overwhelming arsenal of nukes, but no one else? They are not our “ally”, never have been, and never will be. They are not the “only democracy” in the Mideast either. They are a Marxist theocracy run by Orthodox Jews. They have no constitution or bill or rights. Both Syria and Iran have very strong constitutions to protect the rights of their people. Israel doesn’t.  Iran is minding their own business. Why aren’t we minding ours?

Thanks to the Anti Zionist League for this one.



Israel is our closest friend and ally.

Jews do not own the worldwide media.

Israel is not trying to take over the entire Mideast.

Zionist banks do not own the Federal Reserve.

Congress is not under total Israeli control.

Anyone who says otherwise is an anti-Semite.

There is no elephant in this room!!!




If you watch the 9 minute video by Rabbi ben Porat you will hear a very honest talk about why Hitler expelled the Jews from Germany. Mein Kampf was finally translated into Hebrew so Jews can read it.  Rabbi ben Porat read the entire book. He explains the Jews were responsible for Communism, and the murder of 30 million Russian in the Bolshevik Revolution. This is a very enlightening video by a sincere rabbi who loves his people and wants Jews to stop promoting communism and world takeover. He wants them to be Torah observant, and be good examples to the world, so they can take pride in their race. Judaism is a race and not a religion. You cannot convert to Judaism.



Silver is real money.

Silver is a tangible hard asset.

Silver is cheap.

Silver is more practical than gold.

Silver outperforms gold.

Silver industrial use is rising.

Silver inventories are falling

Silver worldwide demand is rising.

Silver production is falling.

Silver to gold ratio will go to 15 to 1.


This is taken from an article by Jeff Clark at There are some really smart guys at CTM if you want to go there and read some other articles. The COT report for the 17th was bad. The report for the 24th was even worse. Sell any stocks or bonds you have. Sell your IRA/401k. Sell any property you own other than the roof over your head. Buy silver bullion you hold yourself. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth. When (not if) silver goes back to it’s historical, traditional gold to silver ratio it could easily go to, say $500 an ounce. That would put gold at about $7,500 an ounce. This will be the greatest depression the world has ever seen. It will also be the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen. Remember that J.P. Morgan Bank has 550 million ounces of silver. What would that be worth at $500 an ounce? My calculator shut down when it tried to figure that out.


Tyler Durden at has been doing very well lately despite being Kosher Approved. He reports that North Korea is ready to collapse due to a total regime change. The ONLY thing keeping this nightmare state going was China. Only the support of China kept this prison gulag limping along. Well, China is tired of them. Their latest missile test was the last straw. China has now stopped all coal imports from North Korea. This is huge. Further, the Chinese government officials said there would be a “regime change” coming. It would be wonderful to see this poverty stricken starving totalitarian hell collapse and rejoin to make one Korea. No more North and South, just Korea. They could be prosperous, productive, well fed, and happy, like the South Koreans are now.




The Peoples Republic of California  now a communist state. As goes California, so goes the nation. We are going to follow in their footsteps, just as we have for over 167 years now (1850). Please promote Calexit. They want to secede. Go to and send them money. Seriously, we have. This would be the best thing that ever happened to America. This is the very worst state in the union folks. They have been bankrupt for decades. The state alone used to be the fifth largest economy in the entire world!!! Seriously, they were ahead of 195 other nations in GNP.  CalPERS (California personnel) is the largest union in the world. They are billions of dollars in debt, and stealing from the general state tax fund. The communist run unions now control the elections and the politicians. It is no longer a white state. and immigrants of various races are now the majority. Whites are now only 42% of the population and falling. Southern California is now Northern Mexico. The communist voters there were the reason Hillary won the popular vote. They have 37.25 million people in this one state.



Trump’s new National Security Advisor General McMaster told the truth. “Islamic terrorism” is a hoax to help Israel expand their empire and create a police state in America. ISIS was created by America and Israel with help from Britain, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. ISIS would disappear tomorrow if we stopped funding them. WE CREATED ISIS!!! This is what he said: “the label ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ was not helpful because terrorists are ‘un-Islamic,’ ”




Look at this 15 year chart. California has the biggest housing bubble in the world. It will burst as all bubble eventually do. The average home sold for about $250,000 15 years ago. Now the average home is $1.3 million. Only about 1% of people can afford something like that. This means RENTS are equally outrageous. The more expensive the house, the higher the rent obviously. The bubble could well burst this year. You simply cannot pay $1.3 million for the average home. We’re talking about 3 bedroom homes built many years ago, not mansions.

Tuesday, February 28 LAST MINUTE ALERT

The stocks have been leading the metals as usual. Stocks have more leverage for one thing. Well, the HUI has been negative for weeks now. JNUG has fallen badly from $12.34 to $7.47 in only three weeks. A correction is probable for March. Fine. Corrections make for stronger markets. If JNUG falls to like the $5 area it would be a great buy with fun money. Not your life savings.  Buy and hold, and add on dips is one of the ways to get rich. Buy value and hold for the long term. Be right and sit tight. Look at the action on Monday!

(Thanks to for this fine one month HUI chart.)

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