Economic Rant

April 01, 2017

“The upside potential in both gold and silver is beyond most people’s comprehension.”   -John Embry


John is chief strategist at Sprott Metals and knows silver is the most undervalued asset on earth.  This is an example of what Sproot does. They prove our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is falling, while our net savings is falling even faster. In other words, since 1950 America has been collapsing economically. For almost 70 years now it's all been going  to Hell on the fast track.



We should have spent more time on Bitcoin. AVOID IT. Obviously, it is digital, cyber-space, imaginary, non-physical currency. It is NOT money- it is merely currency- like the green toilet paper in your wallet. It is a fad, a mania, a fantasy. Otherwise intelligent people are telling you to invest your hard earned money in Bitcoin. Now you see such people are frauds. Buy physical silver bullion and hold it personally. That is real.


If you see an ad for Jim Rickards, ex-CIA agent, delete them. He is not one of us. Agora  Financial is a third rate scam organization. The ADS for Rickards book are excellent, but his books are terrible. Do not be taken in by these very well written ads.


Notice we do not talk about interest rates and what the Fed is going to do. Everyone else thinks the sun rises and sets on what Yellen and her NWO friends are doing with rates. You simply cannot print trillions of dollars in counterfeit "money", and have extremely low interest rates. This defies reality. This will end very badly of course. Silver and gold will take off when rates rise, and the dollar collapses- along with the stock markets.



The biggest problem of all  is the overpopulation crisis. We have 7.4 useless eaters on the planet, when we should have a half billion. Yes, 94% have to go in order to make this earth a paradise. No, not biological plagues, just forced birth control. The world population should be 500 million, not 7.4 trillion. FIFTEEN TIMES TOO MANY PEOPLE ON EARTH. Think about America with 19 million people instead of an insane 320 million. Yes, we'll keep repeating this- 500 million, not 7.4 billion.



"Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial." Ariel Sharon

No comment needed on that one. Their infinite arrogance and evil will destroy them.




The DJI has been floundering around for over a month now. The DJT has been falling for a month now. Dow Theory works. Dow Theory says the DJT (and DJU) must verify the DJI for a true trend to be in place. Well, the DJT is not confirming this at all. We brought this up before. and the DJI simply cannot go anywhere. The insiders got out of the stock markets a long time ago. Sell your IRA/401k and buy silver bullion. Get out of stocks and bonds and into physical silver you hold personally. Adjusted for inflation the Dow has gone nowhere for almost 50 years now. Didn't know that, did you? That's why you read the Rant.



The COT report on the 17th was very good surprisingly. The commercials dropped 29,000 net short gold contracts, and 8,000 net short silver contracts. They are still a whopping 98,000 net short silver though. Multiply that by 5,000 ounces per contract. There were THREE "silver signals" (strong gold vs weak silver) in a week starting on the 16th. One silver signal nearly always means bad news in the next few days. There have never been three silver signals in a week. Yet, nothing has happened? Have the Big Banks finally lost their fight against the real physical silver market? Pray they have.

The COT report for the 24th was slightly worse for gold and better for silver. We will not cover the COT report for the 31st, as the Rant goes out before 4:00. You can look it up by Googling, "COT report for silver and gold March 31, 2017". Open interest for gold has been collapsing, while rising dramatically for silver. Makes no sense. What's up?



Trump, and most of the Republicans are pushing the American Health Care Act. This AHCA retains all the essential elements of ObamaCare. Lipstick on a pig. You still have the pig. TrumpCare is a bad joke. Thanks to Michael Ramirez for this great cartoon. TrumpCare retains all the essential elements of socialist ObamaCare. Government healthcare has failed miserably in every country it is has been tried in. Many liberals are screaming for a Canadian style health care system. What a disaster! Nothing fails like government. You give them a dollar and get back 10 cents in services. Never forget that.



Tony Robbins is truly a wonderful person who has made this world a much better place. He has helped people all over the globe. He is truly unique and amazing. Your poor old author went to a “firewalk” in 1985. It was an wonderful spiritual experience. Years ago Tony wrote a finance book called Money: Master the Game. Then he wrote another finance book Unshakeable. Unfortunately, both are terrible. Tony knows nothing at all about finance. He also knows nothing at all about diet and natural health. Yet, he sells DVDs about health, and vastly overpriced junk supplements like greens and MSM. He is worth a half billion dollars, and used to live in his car. Fact. He should stick to self awareness and personal enlightenment. He is the top man in that field out of 7.2 billion people. Unshakeable is so bad we will not waste any time on reviewing it. He is completely and totally clueless here. He wants you to use registered investment advisors (RIAs) to make all your investments. Of course, he has some to recommend- for which he gets paid. You can go to his NYC  firewalk in July for $650 to $2,995, depending on where you want to sit. You can also watch some wonderful Tony videos for free online like "I Am Not Your Guru". He lives in a $50 million dollar Florida mansion, and has his own island in Fiji. His money and his business. Do such possessions bring happiness, fulfillment and meaning in life? Would living like that make you happy and fulfilled? He does give away money but he feeds people rather than teaching them how to feed themselves. Rather strange on his part. He preaches responsibility and self reliance.



The CIA predicted the fall of the Russian communists by watching their electrical power consumption. Seriously, that was the secret. American power consumption went up for 79 years until Obama got elected . Power consumption depends on prosperity and population. The population has exploded, so consumption must go up, right? Well, it hasn’t. It has fallen. It is still falling. THE ECONOMY IS IN THE TOILET. Thanks to Barron’s for this chart and information from Mark Lundeen.




Here is a hard to find chart. The price to earnings ratio for stocks should normally be under 15 to 1. This makes for strong, healthy markets. You see in 2008 when we had that terrible stock crash the P/E ratio went over 65. Now it is about 27- or double what it should be. Even during the 1929 crash it was surprisingly only about 23 to1. This total overvaluation also applies to the DJI, DJT, DJU, NASDAQ, NYSE, Russell, and other stock indexes. Again, the DJT (Dow Transports) is not confirming the DJI. Dow Theory works and Dow Theory says this is a weak, unconfirmed, overbought, overvalued market.  The DJI, DJT, and DJU mus rise or fall together for a healthy valid market. The Trump Honeymoon will soon be over and the markets will fall. They could collapse. This chart starts at 1880!





Every month we hear about another major retail chain shutting down store, or outright shutting down period. J.C. Penny is about through. KMart is about done. Payless just closed every store. Sears is shutting down hundreds of stores. Sears used to be the largest retailer in America. They're done, bankrupt, gone under. Macy's is about gone. GameStop is shutting down. Radio Shack is history. The Limited is gone. Gander Mountain just can't cut it anymore. Guess is shutting it's doors. MC Sports is through. It's the end for H.H. Gregg electronics and appliances. Add Crocs, BCBC, Bebe, Abercrombie & Fitch and many others. The list goes on and gets longer every month. You see malls are now half empty ghost malls. More and more you'll see entire malls simply shut down completely.



The red line is the real 9% Consumer Price Index. The blue line is the fake government CPI.

John Williams at Shadowstats reports the true economic figures. The media tells you the Consumer Price Index is only growing at less than 2%. The truth is it is growing at 9%, and that is very very bad. The red line is the real CPI. The blue line is the government propaganda. Inflation, inflation, inflation. How can there not be high inflation when the Fed keeps printing trillions in green toilet paper? Inflation is your futures. Only gold and silver will protect you from that.




The liberals and "celebrities" love to tell you women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes by doing the same work. That is $30,800 vs $40,000. Baloney! No truth to this at all. This figure comes from dividing the average male wage by the average female wage in America. It does not take into consideration occupation, position, hours worked weekly, or even education. Labor is the main cost of most businesses. If this wage gap was true, then smart businesses would hire only women and make a fortune!!! Women would have almost all the jobs, and men would be jobless. Career choices and education alone reduce this supposed wage gap to almost zero. Men choose the highest paying jobs, such as petroleum engineering (87% male), math and computer sciences (67% male), aerospace engineering (88% male), and chemical engineering (72% male). Women choose the worst paying jobs, such as counseling (74% female), child education (97% female), human services (81% female), and social work (88% female). There are many other smaller variables that go into this, such as how dangerous a job is (e.g. oil rigs). The U.S. Department of Labor verifies all of the above. Well, what about wage differences in the very same profession, such as nursing? Men choose high paying specialties, work more hours, and relocate for better jobs. So, they make more than female nurses overall. Women who are willing to do those things make the same. There is no gender wage gap folks.




Jewish child rapist Roman Polanski fled the country 40 years ago after drugging and raping a 13 year old girl orally, vaginally, and anally. He was 43 at the time. He has lived very successfully in France, where he is worshipped as such kind of hero. In France child molestation seems to be part of their culture. They refuse to extradite him. Both Switzerland and Poland also refused to extradite him. Well, he demanded to come back to the U.S. if charges are dropped. He pled guilty in 1977 to get a lesser sentence. In an interview he said, "everyone wants to f*ck young girls". He actually said that. That is the very definition of "chutzpah"- unlimited arrogance. American liberals and "celebrities" are trying to get him back here at 83 years old. He was given a standing ovation at the 2003 Academy Awards. Child molestation is fine with liberals and "celebrities". Liberalism is a mental disease. Polanski paid off the poor demented victim Stephanie. She now says he has "suffered enough" living in luxury in Europe. What? Just how has he "suffered" living in luxury, affluence, adulation, and stardom in Europe for four decades?




Out of the 887 million ounces of silver mined each year, only 98 million ounces are sold to investors. That is less than 10 grams (think 10 paper clips) per American. It is only a HALF GRAM per person on earth. Now, just stop and think about that for a second. Each person on earth would only get a tiny, meaningless 500 mg of silver every year. Same as nothing. Do you see how tiny the world silver market is? Do you see the tiny supply of silver produced every year? Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth by far. Buy value and hold for the long term. That is the "secret" to getting rich. Buy and hold and add on dips. Never trade. Be right and sit tight.

"The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts." … Henry Ford




This 50 year chart is right from the Fed. We are literally drowning in debt. This country has gone completely insane. We're living so high over our heads we don't know what planet we live on anymore. THIS CAN'T GO  ON! And it won't go on for long either. Americans had almost no debt back in the 60s. People lived within their means. Credit was used to buy a house, a car, or a major appliance.

The student debt is now over 1 trillion dollars. Our entire GNP is down to about $14 trillion. This was a purposeful plan by the government to make debt slaves out of tens of millions of naive (a polite word for stupid) young people. They get meaningless degrees, and spend the rest of their lives never paying them off. You'll see people owing $100,000 in student loans making $15 to $20. They have to pay the interest every month or go to prison. Seriously. They go to prison for defying a court order to pay.




The Zionists own Congress lock stock and barrel, all 535 of them They own the "Federal" Reserve which isn't federal and has no reserves. They own the major banks. Satanyahu is Satan's ambassador on earth.

Davis Rockefeller is dead. So what? Soon Soros will be dead. So what? There is a long line of these psychopaths to replace them.



Trickster Trump promised to build a Mexican wall if elected, and then make the Mexicans pay for it. This is total nonsense of course. The sheeple bought it though. He is still promising. Well, it's physically impossible, we don't have the money, and it wouldn't work anyway. E-Verify would solve the entire problem tomorrow morning. Teeth would have to be added to E-Verify though. Any employer hiring an illegal would go to prison- along with the illegal. Employers would merely have to photocopy a valid government ID, and call, email, mail, or fax the central office with this information. That simple. Illegals could not work, could not get a job, and would simply go  home. New ones would not even bother to come, as they would know there are no jobs for them. If illegals were given long prison sentences at hard labor they would not bother to come here in the first place. Illegals coming back after being deported would be given a life sentence at hard labor. That would put the fear of God into them. Did you know that ONE QUARTER OF MEXICAN CITIZENS HAVE CME TO THE U.S. IN THE LAST 50 YEARS. You didn't know that, did you? It's incomprehensible that one fourth of the entire country now lives here or came here and died.




$1.3 million for this 844 s.f. crap shack! The average S.F. crap shack is seriously selling for an average of $1.3 million. Really seriously. Dr. Housing Bubble is a great site to see the real estate bubble. All bubbles collapse, and this one is the biggest one in history. Never forget that as goes California, so goes the nation. This has been true for 167 years now, and will continue to be true. All U.S. real estate will crash and burn with the North-east being the last to fall. The collapse will spread from the Left Coast to the East Coast relentlessly. The average home in America will fall from $280,000 to $100,000. This crap shack is at 49 Ord Court, San Francisco 94114, and you can look it up on for free to see the price.

NEWSFLASH- DEAGEL SAYS 80% OF AMERICANS DEAD IN 7 YEARS!!! is THE military information site to go to, run by the non-military. If this was a hack, their website would have been shutdown. They also predict the GNP will fall 94%. What could cause this? Nuclear war, but what about the other countries? An EMP attack could definitely do this. A bio-plague (think smallpox) of some kind is possible, but would spread. It is most worrisome that a well respected website like Deagel would say this.

Google "List of Countries Forecast 2025-" or go to this link:




Everywhere you go, it seems writers tell you the Gross National Debt is merely $20 trillion. That would be wonderful! We could pay that off over time with austerity and ending the infinite list of socialist government boondoggles. The real unfunded national debt is now over $200 trillion. $680,000 for every man, woman, child and infant in America. Yes, we could pay off a mere $20 over time by going back to the real America of small government. Close every one of the 835 overseas military bases. End every evil aggressive war in the Mideast. End Social Insecurity. End Medicare and Medicaid. End all welfare and food stamps. There is an endless list of socialist big government giveaways you'll never know about. It's all going to come to an end with the biggest wealth transfer the world has ever see, the worst financial collapse in history.

Thanks to Jeff at Dollar Vigilante for this debt chart. However, we are $200 trillion in debt, not merely $20 trillion. So, multiply this by a factor of ten to see the real issue.  We were really in good shape until after World War II. We keep saying America was pretty much on course until about 1970. This is more proof of that. The National Debt was reasonable until about 1970. Now every American is about $680,000 in debt. A family of four about $2.7 million in debt. Soon, you'll see the worst depression and wealth transfer the world has ever seen. 1929 will look like Club Med.  EVERY AMERICAN IS $680,000 IN DEBT



In the last Rant we asked all the readers to please email Jeff at Amazon and demand he stop censoring politically incorrect books. Most of you didn't do that. Shame on you!!!

Just one sentence. It will take 60 seconds. Now, please take one minute to email him and tell him to stop banning books. You will get a reply from his staff. He is one of the six richest people on earth with $45 billion. They are the largest book seller in the world. Jeff is afraid of the truth, that's the problem. The Israeli government and World Jewish Congress pushed him he do this. Of course, books on sexual perversion, Satanism, devil worship, child molestation, bestiality, and other such topics are just fine. Why can't we have a free discussion about the Holocaust, Zionism, and other topics? Just take one minute to email Jeff please.



Trump keeps yapping about putting tariffs on our imports. Well, this hurts every American, but especially the poor. Who wants to see the poor punished? Tariffs only hurt each and every citizen, and worsen our standard of living. Trump loves tariffs for some reason, and the poor, stupid sheeple think it's a "wonderful idea". Nothing beats free trade, a free market without government interference. If another country can build a better, cheaper widget than we can, you should buy it.



Look at this 64 year chart of silver vs currency (not money) in circulation. Remember only silver and gold are real money. Paper is currency, not money. The dollar is falling as you read this. The dollar is failing as the world reserve currency. There is no gold in Ft. Knox. The Fed is printing trillons of  counterfeit "dollars".

Ted Butler on March 27 (Google it if you want to) wrote about the eight Big Banks who are controlling the price of silver. Currently JPM holds about 27,000 net futures shorts. The other seven about 70,000 net shorts. JPM has a massive 500,000 ounce physical bullion holding- the largest in the world. The other seven only hold worthless paper. He calls these seven the "walking dead". There are now about 110,000 contracts held by hard core people who are NOT going to sell, and are going to hold thru hell and high water. This is huge folks. This "core position" is growing all the time. We don't know when, but the core people will eventually overtake the seven Big Banks, JPM will cover all their shorts, and the price will explode. We  know for a fact this will happen. Why? Because physical silver is running out. That's why. Demand far exceeds supply, and there are no more reserves. Plus, the dollar is collapsing, and only gold and silver can replace it for the 1% of investors with brains. The other 99% will lose everything they have. THE GREATEST WEALTH TRANSFER IN THE HISTORY OF MAN IS OVERDUE.



Folks, demand for silver is up, while supply is down. WE HAVE NO RESERVES. We rant out of reserves 18 years ago. Investment silver is soon going to disappear.



Currency in circulation exploded after 1970. We can't go on like this.

$1,000 ONLY BUYS 0.8 OZ OF GOLD, NOT 4 OZ (YEAR 2000)




The only oil company in Mexico is the government monopoly PEMEX. It has always been this way since 1938, and always will be. It is the largest company in the entire country. 10 years ago they were the SIXTH largest producer in the world. Now they are down to TWELFTH and falling. PEMEX is hopelessly bankrupt. Mexico is a socialist country with little freedom. More proof that government never works. If independent oil companies could operate in Mexico, they would all be rich. They are sitting on an ocean of oil. We import huge amounts of oil from them. This is not good news folks. They are sitting on an ocean of oil, with cheap labor, and are bankrupt! Just like Venezuela.


Folks, the above cartoon is hard to comprehend. Poor old senile Nancy actually thinks propane is not a fossil fuel. Then where did it come from? Liberals seriously want us to exist on solar, wind, and biofuels. That would cause us to mostly die off, and the rest live in caves in prehistoric times. The ONLY alternative to oil, natural gas, and coal is nuclear energy. The wonderful people in San Francisco elected this senile communist bitch. They have a history of electing senile communist bitches like Maxine Waters (who has an IQ of 80 on a good day), Barbara Boxer, and Diane Feinstein.


After Trump was elected and the Satan's Sister Hillary was avoided, Americans are far far too complacent. Gun sales are down. Investment is up. Gold and silver sales are down. People don't realize we have just rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic. The Trump Honeymoon is already ending. We don't want TrumpCare- we don't want any socialism government health care.


This is being sent to you for the third time in three years from the Celebrity Equinox. If you love to cruise, or would love to cruise, take a good look at the Celebrity 5.5 star ships. All this luxury in a balcony cabin, unlimited internet, unlimited drinks, stunning food, great staff for under $200 a day each. Use your favorite travel website to get stunning bargains. (By the way, you pay more and get less on the 6.0 star ships.)


Don't be complacent. Buy physical silver and hold it yourself. Sell your IRA/401k, sell your stocks and bonds. dump your house if it is underwater. Buy silver while it is still available. Load up on ammunition. Move out of the cities and crowded suburbs. Have brown rice and dried beans for six months. Have a generator and a big propane tank (and a propane converter). Have a six month supply of EVERYTHING you need daily. Be prepared. Just be prepared. Better to be 10 years too early than 1 second too later. This is just good common sense, not paranoia.


standing watch for you at 71,



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