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April 15, 2018





Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Too many documented things are going on in Syria, and none of them are good. Israel has already done away with Iraq and Libya. They need to get rid of Syria, Iran, and Lebanon for the Greater Expansion of the Israel Empire. If war breaks out there, it could go nuclear. Oil will go to $200 a barrel over-night. Russia will defend Syria, along with China, Iran, and another dozen countries who hate us. We'll be outnumbered 15 to 1. We are anything but The World Superpower. We used to be, but that was a long, long time ago. You are not going to hear much of anything about all this in the media. Years ago America falsely claimed Assad was "murdering children with Sarin gas." The neocons are going to pull this again. This will be a pretext to attack them. Russia, China, Iran, and other countries will not tolerate this. Keep up on this situation online. This is the last bastion of truth we have. The NWO crowd is already doing all they can to censor the Internet. It's just a matter of time until it will be totally censored.  Then we'll really walk around in the dark without a clue.


This was in the Rant just a week ago. Sorry we forgot to tell you about the White Helmets aka the Syrian Civil Defense. They are always the center of the fake Syrian gas attacks. They are not "volunteer civil service heros" who help the injured. They are terrorists.

Last year, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights reported that the White Helmets committed heinous crimes against the Syrians and deliberately killed innocent children in order to use them in staged videos about alleged chemical attacks. The Red Crescent (Syrian version of Red Cross) said there was no chemical attack last week, and no one was admitted to the Douma hospital that day.

This happened on Saturday April 7, and was immediately international news. Trump immediately said, "Assad is going to pay a big price, as will Iran and Russia for backing him." Read the Internet stories exposing this as another fraud like last year. Having psychotic neocon Zionist gentile John Bolton onboard now guarantees continual war. That crazy bitch Nikki Haley should be hung. CIA Director Pompea is onboard with the mental illness. Paul Craig Roberts now spends most of his time warning us that nuclear war is on the horizon due to American provocations. Get his free newsletter. Get the zerohedge free newsletter as well. Don't kid yourself, and don't be in denial. Nuclear war is right down the road, but we just don't know when.



Merkel may be a fat, ugly les-bean communist, but she isn't stupid. She rejected any involvement in this fake Syrian chemical attack. She is siding with Russia, as she knows America is the Evil Empire. Italy has a huge army of  350,000 active soldiers plus reserves. They have sided with Russia, as they are tired of American imperialism and war mongering. The U.K. and France pretend to be on our side, but they'll run and hide when the nukes start going off.



China has 2,350,000 military troops.

Russia has 830,000 military troops.

Iran has 534,000 military troops (934,000 available).

Syria has 304,000 military troops.

North Korea 945,000 military troops. (6,445,000 available).

Turkey 426,000 military troops.

Italy 350,000 military troops.

TOTAL: 5,729,000 

Countries like Pakistan, Lebanon, India, Afghanistan, Yemen, Quatar, and Iraq may well help them.

The U.S. has a mere 1,350,000 military troops. Germany has already made it clear they side with Russia. Italy has already turned on us. France, and the U.K. certainly aren’t going to help us. France only has 205,000 troops, and the U.K. only 147,000 anyway. No one is going to help us. Actually, there are another dozen countries that will join Russia and China against us.

TOTAL: Still 1,350,000.

5.73 million vs a mere 1.35 million. THAT'S FOUR TO ONE FOLKS. We will be turned into nuclear ash in hours. No one on earth wants war except America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Russia doesn’t want war. China doesn’t want  war. Iran doesn’t want war. Syria doesn’t want war. No one else on earth wants war except the Evil Triad.


The Second Amendment is not about defending your home and family, hunting, target shooting or anything of the like. It is about protecting yourself from an out of control government. Get that straight. First gun control, then total control. When the guns go, we will have a totalitarian police state, and we will be serfs and slaves.


"A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined.  But they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might at-tempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."
- George Washington, January 8, 1790

Google Harold Wallace Rosenthal and you'll get a real education on Jewish culture. He was finally murdered for telling the truth.




Scott Beigel, a geography teacher and cross-country coach, was supposedly murdered by Nikolas Cruz at Parkland. Well, Scott left Parkland six years ago and returned to his  home in New York. He has no teachers license or coach certification on file in the state of Florida.

Was David Hogg really a student at Parkland? Or did he graduate in 2014 in California? Is he really 17 years old? He is a paid crisis actor. His father in an FBI agent, and his mother works for CNN. My, don't things start to sound even more suspicious? Emma Gonzalez is his cousin, by the way. Was anyone actually killed that day? Did the government learn to do better fake murders after their failures at Sandy Hook and The Pulse?

"The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."  - Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book 


The COT report was released on the 30th even though it is not usually done on Good Friday. The commercials added a massive 49,000 gold shorts, and are now up to a massive 226,000 net short. They added  about 3,000 silver shorts and are now up to 7,000 net short. None of this makes any sense at all. The gold OI is 501,000. The silver OI is 228,000. This is almost 150% of the worldwide annual silver production. No other commodity on earth comes close to this extreme amount. Very high numbers like this are bad for us.

The COT report on the 6th was stunning. The commercials now dropped 37,000 shorts, and are now 189,000 contracts net short. The dropped 5,000 silver shorts, and are down to a mere 2,637 net shorts. THIS IS WONDERFUL. The lowest level in 30 years. Only 2,637 short instead of the usual 40,000 or so. We still have some issues to solve though. The high number of net gold shorts held by the commercials is one of them. The insane OI for silver is another.

The COT report on the 13th was good. The commercials dropped 13,000 gold shorts, and are now net short 176,000 contracts. They added 2,000 silver shorts, but are only 4,570 net short contracts.  The silver open interest dropped to 227,000, but this is still 125% of the annual worldwide silver production.

To show you the extreme OI of gold and silver, let's look at the U.S. Dollar COMEX futures. Remember the dollar is the reserve currency of the world. The commercials are merely 1,572 net short contracts. The open interest is only 33,000. This proves the manipulation of gold and silver by the Big Banks.



The Israeli army murdered 17 (or more) unarmed, peaceful Palestinians, and severely injured over 1,000. Whatever they do is all right. Doesn't matter. The Israelis call them "cockroaches" and "insects", and slaughter them without any remorse or feeling at all. They have almost succeeded in having a 100% Jewish Israel.



Wow! Look at the revered FANG stocks folks. It's all going to Hell on a greased slide.



Look at how much consumer debt has exploded in just the last 12 years. You can get a free subscription to Wolf Street if you want. Lots of very hard to get news.



The Toronto and Vancouver housing crashes are our warning. Housing prices in these cities have gone up, up, and  up for eighteen years now. Well, they just crashed and are already down about 40% on the average. THIS IS OUR WARNING. Why hasn't the media covered this? Why wasn't this on Faux News? A commercial and residential real estate crash is right around the corner. Much worse than 2008. THE MEDIAN SAN FRANCISCO HOME PRICE NOW $1.6 MILLION. Does this define insanity? Is this absolute, inarguable proof of the biggest real estate bubble in the history of the world?



Global debt- especially derivatives- are up to about $3 quadrillion. This is over 40 times the entire production of the planet. Half the world lives on $2 a day. Yes, 3.8 billion people live on $2 a day. Four out of five live on $10 a day. Yes, over 5 billion people get by on ten bucks every day. A mere 0.1% (1 in 1,000) of Americans have 25% of all the wealth. Yup, 320,000 people own ONE QUARTER of all the wealth. All this is only going to get worse,  not better.



Chain restaurants are in big trouble. The price of food keeps going up, and take home salaries keep falling. People simply cannot afford to eat out anymore. For example, the Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain was started in 1972. They have almost 700 restaurants in 41 states and 14 countries. Their share price dropped 90% by 2016, and they were forced to go private. No more RT stock. They are desperately trying to stay afloat with all kinds of special offers. It's hopeless. After almost a half century, a fine major restaurant chain is going bankrupt. THIS IS TYPICAL NOW. This is a good restaurant with great food, and should be prospering. You can't prosper in a failing economy though. We're bringing this up just as one of countless examples of good businesses failing due to the economy. Our Internet business gross was cut in half during the 8 years of Nobama



Look at the chart below and look at the famous names. Add Sears, J.C. Penney, and Macy's to the list among dozens of others that aren't listed. Most all those stores you see at shopping malls are dropping like flies. Malls are closing and are now ghost towns. Shopping malls will soon be a thing of the past. Meanwhile Amazon and eBay are screaming. Online retailing is what's happening. Brick and mortar stores are part of the horse and buggy days.


81% of our energy comes from HYDROCARBONS. There is no such thing as "fossil fuels". That's preposterous to think that trillions of barrels of oil came from rotting plants and animals. Anyone with an I.Q. of 10 can see that. Solar and wind power are less than 3% and totally overpriced. There is no wattage in sunlight. Windmills have failed miserably all over the world. Ethanol (biomass) isn't even viable in South America where sugar cane waste (bagasse) is used, instead of edible corn. Without hydrocarbons we would freeze to death, starve to death, and live in the Stone Age. Nuclear is 9%, and it would be nice to see that at 0%. Nuclear energy is an exercise in desperation due to the impossibility of safe waste disposal.


Stop and realize that gold was illegal from 1933 to 1975. In fact, it was a crime to possess gold for 42 years- unless you had a license to manufacture or use it in your business. So, don't think America was free at all. People in Canada, Mexico, and Europe could freely own gold, but we couldn't. Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 and made all our money worthless. At least in 1975 you finally had a choice after 42 years to buy gold instead of holding worthless paper money. But, for four years you had no choice. Now the dollar is more worthless than ever. Common sense and logic tells you to put your money into silver rather than gold. Silver is six times better than gold. Instead of an 80:1 gold to silver ratio, you'll see the traditional 15:1 ratio. Less than 1% of Americans own any realistic amount of either. Only a fraction of that 1% seriously own gold or silver.



Shark Tank star Mark Cuban (real Jewish name Chabenisky) wants to be our next president. Why is a nice Jewish boy like him pretending to be a Latino? Go figure! Oh, you thought he was a Latino? He loudly proclaimed his good friend Hillary would win by a landslide, and bring American back to prosperity. A hard core communist obviously. He hates gold with, "an extreme passion", and says it is. "as worthless as Bitcoin and Pet Rocks". This is a rich man with no brains. Now he wants to be president of the U.S. No narcissism there, right? Of course he married a gentile girl; no old Jewess for him. He loves to be on TV and in movies. He is starting to make Joe Biden look good. At least Oprah dropped out of the race.



This is Vogue Contributing Editor Lynn Yaeger. Is this thing human? She criticized Melania for wearing high heeled shoes on a recent flight she took. Lynn could walk naked in Harlem at midnight and not worry about being assaulted.



Abu Bakr (2) is really Mossad agent Simon Elliot. Yes, a Jewish Mossad agent is the head of ISIS. Does this get ridiculous or not? America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia created, fund, and support ISIS. The U.K. was probably on board with this as well. There are lots of photos of John McCain with his close friend Simon. Yet, 99% of the America sheeple think ISIS is our enemy, who must be defeated, who pose a threat to our very lives, and our soldiers must die fighting them. We had to create out own enemy to start wars in sovereign countries. This is the very definition of evil. How many millions of innocent people have been killed over this fraud? We'll pay for this evil folks. Nations have karma just like people have karma. America will eventually be completely destroyed.


Do yourself a big favor and sign up for a free subscription to Egon Von Greyerz weekly newsletter. Just go to and give them your email. This is an excellent newsletter and he is right on top of things. He refuses to deal with Israel and Zionism, but he's on the money otherwise.


That's it for the month of April. See you on May 1. This fake Syrian war scare is your warning. Prep and prep some more. Be prepared. Be ready for whatever is coming. We know what, but we don't know when. Great events cast their shadows before them, and the shadows get darker all the time.


Always standing watch for you,



Saturday P.S. We attacked Syria on Friday at 9:00 PM EST. This is the worst mistake we have ever made. We are starting a war we can't possibly win and for no reason at all.

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