Economic Rant

June 01, 2018

“Every nation gets the government it deserves.” Joseph de Maistre 1811 The reason America has become a psychopathic, evil war monger is because of Americans. Yes, it's that simple. Every powerful politician was, in fact, freely elected by the American people. McCain, Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Graham, and all the rest are just expressions of the people who live here.



Between 1998 and 2015 the Pentagon lost $21 trillion of YOUR  money. Money you sweated and worked for. Seriously, $21 trillion went to fight evil wars of aggression around the world. Remember the GNP of America is down to about $14. Third World countries do a lot better than this. Communist countries don't lose trillions of dollars.




Seriously, Satanyahu wants to annex all 636,000 square miles of Iran. Israel is a mere 8,000 square miles. Yes, ONE EIGHTIETH the size of Iran. He calls it, "their ancient Jewish homeland". Iran has water and oil. Israel has neither. It's not enough Israel wants America to bomb Iran, now they want to take it over and kill all the Persians. Yes, they are Persians, not Arabs. Zionism is the plan to take over the entire Mideast and then the entire world. Zionism calls for a One World Jewish Order. This is an actual quote from Menechem Begin. Israel wants to rule the world, and regards all non-Jews as animals. It's funny that someone who looks like Daffy Duck things he is the Master Race.


All this ridiculous talk about Trump "fighting the Deep State" is a joke. Israel is the Deep State and Trump is the perfect Zionist sock puppet. Bibi says, "jump", and Donald asks, "how high".

"One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them." — Thomas Sowell

2,000 Years ago Heraclitus said, "character is destiny". Those are three words everyone should live by. If you are honestly a good person of character, you surely have been taken advantage of thru your life by people you wrongly trusted. You never imagined these people would stab you in the back.


DAVE HODGES FINALLY COMES OVER TO OUR SIDE has always been a pro-Israel website. For many years Dave was a pitiful apologist for Israel. Well, he finally got tired of it and told the truth. Now he is on our side. Please take just one minute to write him a SHORT nice note at Paul Craig Roberts did this. David stockman just did this. The Saker finally did this. Zerohedge is coming over to our side. The Daily Coin. Even Esquire magazine got tired of Israelis slaughtering unarmed women and children. The comments on zerohedge are overwhelmingly anti-Israel. Israel only has about 6.5 million Jewish residents. Half are real historical Jews, and half are merely Khazars. America has about 6.8 million Jewish residents. Most of them are merely Khazars, and are not related at all to historical Jewish people. DNA tests have finally proven all this. There are only about 14.5 million Jews worldwide and most are not real genetic Jews at all. The rest are mostly in France, U.K., and Germany That is ONE IN 500- 1/5th of 1%. How did they take over the entire world?


“The Jews are just a very aggressive and abrasive and obnoxious personality.”.... “They put the Jewish interest above America’s interest, and it’s about goddamn time that the Jew in America realizes he’s an American first and a Jew second.”

 - Richard Nixon, Nixon Tapes, 1972-1973. Yes, the President of the United States said that almost 50 years ago.



Nick Cunningham at Commodity Trade Mantra is an expert on oil. He says the free market price is merely $20 a barrel. As we've explained before, oil is not priced by the free market; it is priced by politics. This is why you should never trade oil. It could go to $100 very easily. Or not. It would be great if oil was priced by supply and demand. Thanks to GATA, Mark Lundeen, and Barron's for this quarter century chart. With the endless problems in the Mideast that AMERICA CAUSES you can pretty much depend on the price of oil to keep going up. By the way, we have plenty of oil right here in America, and don't need to import a drop. There is no "peak oil". The newest scam is"algal oil" from algae! Total crap folks. Just like corn ethanol, and other biofuels, it's a total and complete farce.

Yes, you could also substitute the word "republicans". The republicrats together have destroyed our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Two sides of the same coin. "Democrats" is funnier and more fitting though.





Liberals love to claim the Constitution and Bill of Rights are "living documents" that should change with the times. Values don't change. Freedom doesn't change. Character doesn't change. It would be wonderful to rewrite the Second Amendment and take out the word, "militia". At the time the militia meant the community. All American men were, in fact, part of the local militia. This was completely necessary at the time. George Mason said,  "What is the militia? It is the whole people." That is an exact quote folks. The father of the Bill of Rights said that. The flintlock musket was the AR-15 of the day. It was the Ultimate Personal Weapon at the time. The British tried to ban the Colonists from having or importing them.



Even Buffett, Munger, and Gates agree that cybercurrencies are, "rat poison squared". Anyone with an I.Q. over 10 can see they are mere computer entries without any value at all. To claim they are "mined" is too asinine to even comment on!!! Anyone who owns a cybercurrency deserves to lose everything they have. And they will.




Angela Merkel said about the Iran deal:

"Europe can no longer trust Washington, and must “take its destiny into its own hands.” Germany has been a vassal of America since 1945. They are sick and tired of taking orders from us. They are dumping us and siding with Putin. Wise move, too.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said,  "Washington’s leadership had failed, and it is time for the EU to take over the leadership role and to “replace the United States.” Did you know the entire German military is a tiny 60,000 soldiers? That's right, a mere 60,000 military. That's why we have 21 bases and 54,000 U.S. soldiers in Germany. You didn't know all that, did you? Let Germany provide their own soldiers. We should shut down all 1,000 offshore U.S. military bases today. Soon, France and the U.K. are going to dump America as well. We have no friends in the world anymore. Actually, most of the world hates America more every day. We have four times the population but TWELVE times the active troops. Why can't they have their own forces?

The entire EU who wants to be free of America hegemony (dominance). European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that Washington’s leadership had failed and it was time for the EU to take over the leadership role and to “replace the United States.” Other French, German, and British government politicians have said the very same thing. Walrus Bolton has threatened them all with dire sanctions if they don't do as we tell them to do. Iranian President Rouhani wisely said, "the era when the u.s. will decide for the world is over.” That couldn't be said better.


Again, Germany has a mere 60,000 active military out of 83 million people. During World War 2 they had 13 million active military out of 68 million people. On the other hand, we have 54,000 American soldiers on 21 military bases there! We shouldn't have one solider in Germany! Almost no one is aware that we emasculated them after World War 2 for the last 70 plus years. They are tired of this, and now refuse to follow our orders no matter how many troops we have in their country.

EU countries are now starting to pay for oil in Euros and not dollars. This is huge! The petrodollar is failing, and will soon be old news. The dollar is failing as the world reserve currency as well. No more petrodollar, and no more world reserve currency.


"As Jesse Livermore noted at the end of his dramatic life: "Men who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon."


Jesse was a famous and most successful investor. This is what you must do with silver- be right and sit tight. Learn patience. Silver the most undervalued asset on earth, and gold is second. Be happy you can still buy silver at $16+.  Be the 1% who owns silver. Be the 1 in 1,000 that owns a lot of silver. Thrive while others literally starve to death in the streets. You don't have a choice. You can't buy stocks anywhere in the world. You can't invest in any currencies. You can't own bonds in any country. You can't buy commercial or residential real estate. You can buy farmland, but you don't know how to farm. There is simply nothing else to do but buy silver. You don't have a choice.


The COT report on the 18th the commercials dropped 12,000 gold shorts, but are still 118,000 net short. They added 1,000 silver shorts, and are now 18,000 net short. On the 25th the commercials dropped 3,000 shorts and are now 116,000 net short. They added 10,000 silver shorts and are now 32,000 net short. More and more we see the COT report to have less and less meaning. One day the commercials will be on our side and be massively long silver. But what fools will take the short side. It is an even sum game, and there is a short for every long.



This is the funniest cartoon in a long time. Stephan Pastis is  one of the best cartoonists in America. "Pearls Before Swine" appears in various newspapers around the country. You can believe that money doesn't make you happy. "Make me happy!!!" Money does buy freedom, but most people just can't handle freedom. Stories of people who won the lottery, inherited money, or won a civil settlement are legendary. Rich people have high suicide rates, while poor people have low rates. You can't get people in prison to kill themselves strangely enough. Don't ever think the rich are overall happy. They are generally very unbalanced mentally and emotionally. However, most rich people live modest lives believe it or not. If you don't believe that, read the book The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley. It's an easy and most educational read.


“Certain signs precede certain events.” - Cicero




Meghan Markle is of mixed African and European ancestry. You can see her olive skin and nappy hair when she was a teenager. She has straightened her hair and lightened her skin with chemicals. She also had rhinoplasty. Why isn't she proud of her African ancestry? Everyone should be proud of what they are. Nature made people in a rainbow of races. Why pretend to be another race? Why deny what you are? Her mother is clearly of African ancestry. She is also divorced! Royalty is NEVER divorced. The "Royal" family has come to an end just like the infamous Kennedy dynasty.


The average home price in America is now $261,000. The average home price in the People's Republic is a whopping $469,000. The median San Francisco home prices require an annual household income of $333,000!!! You get a second rate house for that kind of money, too. The average S.F. crap shack is now over $1.4 million. The taxes are the highest in the nation- and rising by the day. The endless, niggling regulations prevent any business from operating. FIVE MILLION PEOPLE HAVE ESCAPED in the last 10 years. There are only 40 million people there. More are leaving every year- working, tax paying people are fleeing. The same is happening in states like New York and Illinois.­­­­­ There are some bargains though if you look hard. You can have this fine home for only $350,000. A little bit of paint and this would be a lovely place. (This is not a joke as you know.)


Gold and silver are a tiny, tiny, tiny part of the world assets. The world derivatives market alone is $1.2 QUADRILLION. This dwarfs the world GNP. The world bond market is $100 trillion alone. Gold and silver are a pebble on the beach by comparison. Bonds topped in 2016 and are on the way down. Bonds are the largest legitimate regulated market by far in the world. Derivatives are far larger, but not a legitimate market at all. Even Senile in Omaha called them, "financial weapons of mass destruction." The U.S. holds $22 trillion in government bonds and cannot pay the owners their interest. Remember the entire GNP in America is down to about $14 trillion. Mortgage rates went to 18% in 1981. Then bottomed at 2.4% in 2012. They are going up, and no one will be able to afford to buy a house. Everywhere you look you see facts like this. Ray Charles and Helen Keller can see disaster and collapse is ahead.



This chart claims a $70 trillion U.S. debt. Triple that. Yup, things were pretty reasonable until about the 1970 period. Then we took a wrong turn, and things have gone south for about 50 years now. This 80 year chart is inarguable. We are so far in debt it can't be comprehended. We are now over $200 trillion in debt- not the preposterous $20 trillion figure the MSM trots out. Yes, that is about $700,000 for every man, woman, child, and baby in America. A family of 4 is $2.8 million in debt. What can't go on, won't go on. Got silver?


Noah Webster: "Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States."


Look at any of the homebuilder charts and this is what you'll see. THIS FORECASTS THE NEXT HOUSING CRASH AFTER 10 YEARS (2008). Thanks to Edgar for this fine chart. A home builder crash precedes a housing crash. Commercial is going to fall  along with residential. Beazer, Pulte, Hovnavian, and all the rest look just like this.




Trader Mike Swanson is now short Tesla and has been for two weeks. It is now 278. We've been waiting a long time for this. We've covered Tesla is depth for years. One of the biggest stock scams in the history of America. Only morons invested in them- and there are a lot of morons.




It seems everyone is telling us the national debt is merely $21 trillion. Remember our entire GNP is down to about $14 trillion by comparison. This is ridiculous! The real national debt is over $200 trillion. Every man woman child and baby in America owes about $700,000. Divide $200 trillion by 320 million, and that's what you get. A family of four owes $2.8 million. No, this won't go away. No, this won't go unpaid. All debts get paid by either the buyer or the seller.



The following facts are taken from Egon Von Greyerz. You really need to get his free weekly very excellent newsletter. Just write them at

There are about 120 million American households that cannot make ends meet. This means that 51 million of these (43%) of American households can’t afford a decent lifestyle.  Of these, 35 million are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE). The other 16 million households live in outright poverty. That's right, 50 million Americans live in outright poverty. All the media economic figures are ridiculous. The unemployment rate, for example is actually about 22%, and not the preposterous 4% figure thrown out by the government. Almost 100 million able bodied people in this country refuse to work, or can't find a job. Two thirds of workers make less than $20 an hour. The amount of personal debt is simply incomprehensible. If you are over 50 this is not the country you grew up in at all.



The world population is up to 7.6 billion and growing exponentially. Soon, it will be 9 billion. This should be a half billion. Yes, 94% need to go. China did these with extreme mandated  birth limitations. At least half the population is going to die from war, disease, starvation, and biowarfare. That will not be enough at all, but it will be a good start. America was never meant for 320 million people. We are running out of water for one thing. we are running out of water in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami, Denver, El Paso, Lincoln (Nebraska), Atlanta, San Francisco, and other cities.





The media keeps telling us the residential and commercial real estate markets are growing by leaps and bounds. Really? The data is largely falsified. We see many people here in Wilmington who can't dump their homes. Did they tell you April housing sales were down 2.5%? Annualized, that would be a 30% yearly collapse. California has the most insane market in the country. The People's Republic will be our warning. Real estate has clearly topped in many areas of the state. There are a lot of reasons the real estate top is in, and will soon be collapsing. This collapse will spread eastward like a plague.



The world Jewish media freely admits how many Jewish sexual predators have been exposed. Dustin Hoffman, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Kevin Spacey, Elie Wiesel, Woody Allen and along list of others. There are so many black sexual predators there is no reason to list them. 

Prepare for what is coming. Ben Franklin said, By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

We know what is coming. A derivatives crash is coming. A bond collapse is overdue. A stock crash is all too obvious. Real estate has probably topped and will soon fall badly The dollar is in a race to the bottom with all the other world currencies. Social insecurity was bankrupt decades ago. All private and government pensions are broke, and have been broke for a long time. Put your money into silver. Sell your IRA/401k and buy silver. Silver is six times better than gold. Be prepared for what is coming. We know what is coming, but we don't know when. When doesn't matter. Just be ready. Do everything you can to prepare. Thrive during bad times. See you in two weeks....


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