“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes
decide everything.” … Joseph Stalin



For many months we’ve been screaming to get out of the stock
market. Dow Theory says this is hopeless. The DJI, DJT, and DJU are extremely
down. This is the worst December for the DOW since 1931. Insiders are selling as fast as
they can
. By law, CEO insiders must report their stock transactions.
Mark Zuckerberg is selling his $12 billion worth of Facebook hand over fist.
He’s only one of many.

Please watch this 8 minute Jimmy Dore video. Jimmy is
actually a leftist, but he seems to be completely on our side. This is very
funny. He shows all the fake news comes from one central source and is then
sent out to the different stations. You will be glad you spent 8 minutes
watching this and laughing.



“You have to choose between
trusting to the natural stability of gold and the natural stability of the
honesty and intelligence of the members of the government. And, with due
respect to these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system
lasts, to vote for gold.”
– George Bernard Shaw

The same applies to silver, only far more so.


“The greatest wealth
is to live content with little” Plato




Every single day your gun rights are quietly disappearing. Bump stocks
will be illegally banned by executive order, not properly and legally by
Congress. Bump stocks are a non-issue, as almost no one owns one. You can’t hit
the broad side of a barn using one.

New Jersey
just banned any magazine over 10 rounds.
ONE. That’s right, you now go to prison for owning a gun magazine. Some states
have already banned private sales of guns. You cannot even leave  your guns to your family when you die. Or
give your child a gun. You must contact the BATF and re-register them. Some
states have banned semi-automatic rifles, calling them “assault
weapons”. Assault weapons are fully automatic. You need a Class III
dealers license, and a very rare full auto license on top of that to own one.
It is just a matter of time until all the guns will be taken. Just like Australia, Europe, Canada,
South America, Asia, Africa, and the Mid-east.
Anyone who keeps a gun or ammo will be a criminal. Then America will be a full blown communist
dictatorship like Cuba, North Korea and Myranmar (what used to be Burma).
The main reason to own guns is to protect
yourself from the government.
only reason we don’t live in a communist dictatorship is the 42% gun owner
households in America
and 265 million guns.

Don’t even bring up Switzerland.
The only gun owners there are members of the mandatory National Guard.

Governor Phil Murphy of New
Jersey who banned 10+ gun magazines. He is busy making
New Jersey a sanctuary state for scumbags from
cesspools. He’s a good commie.


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s
soul remains unawakened.”




You now see government ads on TV (which you, the taxpayer, pay for) from
the government to get a Men B vaccine. Well, there are 325 million people in America now.
Guess how many of them get meningitis B every year?
A mere 200.
Same as nothing. A mere 1 in 1.6 million. And the
government wants 325 million people to get a dangerous toxic vaccine for no
The Center for Disease
Control says the incidence of meningitis HAS NEVER BEEN LOWER IN THE HISTORY OF
You also see government ads, “Don’t be a Shot Dodger”. These
tell you only fools refuse vaccinations.  Avoid all vaccines folks.

is nothing the government can give you that it didn’t take from you in the
first place.



This chart is right from the NAHB. The entire real estate market is


The red bars are just October and November. You can see how
this is accelerating. The high was 33 months ago, and sales are falling every



The American voters get exactly what they deserve because of who they
vote for.
The politicians are merely a reflection of the voters.
Congress is just a symptom, and not a cause. Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein,
Booker, Harris, Markley, Boxer, Hirono, Warren, Baldwin, Cardin, Schatz, Murphy,
Mikulski,  Blumenthal, Sanders, and a
long list of other socialists, communists, liberals, progressives, and
leftists. If you dropped a neutron bomb on Congress it wouldn’t make one bit of
difference. Americans would just re-elect the exact same group with different
names. Never forget that 51% of the voters chose Hillary. The millenials favor
socialism over free markets by 2 to 1. They will elect a full blown communist
in 2020 like Pocahantas, Booker, “Beto”, or Nikki Haley.



The COT report on the 21st continued to be terrible. The
commercials added 15,000 gold shorts, and are now 92,000 net short. They added
8,000 silver shorts, and are now 35,000 net short. These are terrible numbers. On
the 28th and  31st (due to Christmas) the
COT report was not released. Most all the financial advisors, and pundits
called the bottom in metals and miners in August. They aren’t looking too good
right now. Clive Maund has joined Radomsky, and said the bottom isn’t in. The
chances are the commercials are going to push the prices down one last time,
dump their COMEX shorts, go massively long, and buy loads of physical silver
bullion. On the 20th disinformation agent Kosher Jim Cramer told the sheeple to
buy gold. That’s the kiss of death. He has a huge following of stupid people. Your
author is on the sidelines with futures.



In September leveraged loans fell off a cliff. This is the
S&P 100 Loan Index. This is a very bad sign for the economy. Why don’t we
see these things on the news media? Margin debt for stocks is also at a
historical high. That isn’t discussed either.




The Dow fell 12% in December. This is the worst crash since
1931. Let’s say that again…it was the worst monthly stock market crash
in 87 years.
At 12%, the Dow would literally hit zero in 7 more months. Anyone who stays
in the stock market is on self destruct. Major events always give warnings, and
you have to be blind to not see the U.S. stock markets are collapsing.
Down 5,000 points from 27,000 to 22,000. Look for the DJI for fall to about
13,000 in 2019. Trump will be blamed, of course, and not even run in 2020. The
Republicans don’t have any viable candidates either.

Newsletters like the Rant will  never be popular. The great unwashed masses
are confused by facts, terrified of truth, and comforted by lies. If you are
reading this, you are the 1%. The Internet will eventually be censored. This is
the last bastion of truth.




Elon Musk is the King of Frauds, and Tesla is the King of
Stock Frauds. They lost 1.1 billion (that’s billion with a B) just in the last
They have lost endless billions of dollars since their
inception. The  Model 3 car is a joke,
and they can’t even produce them. The executives and CEOs are leaving in
droves. Last year they lost a staggering $2 billion on $8.5 billion in sales.
Imagine if you had a business that grossed $850,000 a year, but you lost
$250,000 a year running it! Nevertheless, the sheeple keep buying Tesla stock

Only 6 in 1,000 cars bought in American every year are
electric vehicles (EVs). 80% of these “sales” are really
leases, not sales at all.
So, only 2 in every 1,000 electric car sales
are really actual purchases. Same as nothing. The resale value is horrid. The
batteries are horribly expensive, and an ecological nightmare. A little Prius
battery is $2,500. A Tesla battery is a whopping $10,000. The only reason they
sell any of these overpriced golf carts are the massive taxpayer subsidies YOU
THE TAXPAYER are forced to pay. Why should we the people pay one penny to
support sales of EVs? GM loses $9,000 every time it sells a Chevy Volt for
$36,000. What kind of moron would pay $36,000 for a big golf cart? Fiat loses an
insane $20,000 on every Fiat 500 it sells. Here is something you won’t believe,
and it is not a typo…BMW will lease you it’s $50,000 i3 EV for $112 a month.
Google, “lease BMW i3” if you don’t believe it. You can lease an
electric Honda Clarity for $199 a month. There are many other lease choices the
auto makers lose on.

The really sick part about all of this is that all these
cars are charged by coal plants, propane plants, or nuclear plants. In a previous rant we
explained it would be financially impossible to have solar cells in your yard
just to charge your EV. Totally impossible. The idea of running your house on solar cells is psychotic. Windmills
are even more preposterous. There is no realistic alternative to




ranks number one among the 50 states for the percentage of its residents 25 and
older who have never completed ninth grade. It ranks fiftieth for the
percentage who have graduated from high school. It is also the poorest state in
the union, with the highest percentage of 
those living in poverty. Also the most homeless per capita. Because of non-white
immigrants, communism and socialism, the state is the dumbest, the poorest, and
the least white. European whites were 77% of the population in 1970. That is down to a
mere 36% today.
Latinos are 40% of the 40 million people. A full
quarter of U.S.
illegal aliens live in Commiefornia. As goes Commiefornia, so goes the nation.
This has been true for 169 years now. We will soon be the United Socialist
States of America-
Never forget that 51% of the American voters choose Communist Hillary. The 2020
election will be much worse.

IQ is directly and totally correlated with standard of
living, affluence, education, and development of any country. The European IQ
overall is 100. Let’s look at the intelligence of the people who flood into our
country to destroy it: The average IQ in Mexico is only 88, Iraq 86, Belize 84,
Colombia 84, Venezuela 84, India 82, Dominican Republic 82, Pakistan 82, Syria
82, Afghanistan 81, Honduras 81, Nicaragua 81, El Salvador 80, Guatemala 79,
Jamaica only 71, and Haiti a mere 67. These are the people who have already destroyed
our gene pool, and keep pouring in every day. Europeans are a distinct minority
in the world, mostly due to their very low reproduction rate.

Let’s talk about those children who died after CPS
took them  in. The Guatemalan caravan is
rife with endless infectious diseases and malnutrition. Almost none of them
have ever seen a doctor or dentist in their entire lives. THEIR INFANT MORTALITY
RATE IS 1 in 13. Right, for every 13 babies born there, one dies at birth. The
bring their sickly, malnourished, infected, diseased children in a caravan with
no shelter, no nutritious food, extreme heat, and exposed to the elements week
after week. A very few die in CPS custody, and America is blamed. Again, their
average IQ is only 79. That means half of them are even stupider than 79. That
means their entire country is retarded on average.



Among his other psychotic predictions, Old Al said the Arctic would be ice free during the summers three years
ago in 2016. He said this at numerous international weather conferences. Satellite
photos show we have massive amounts of ice covering the Arctic.
The ice cap is now twice the size of Alaska!
This is just one of his many insane predictions. He also said New
York City’s Manhattan
would soon be under water back in 2006. This was a pillar of his Inconvenient Truth movie. Why doesn’t
the media ever report any of this? No matter how many stupid predictions he
makes, they are never reported when they fail to materialize.




There are currently 27 members of NATO. They are merely an
enforcer for the New World Order crowd. Just like the United Nations, it is
part of the one world government plan. The most heavily armed (in order) are America, Turkey
(surprise, surprise!), France,
U.K., Germany, Italy,
Spain, Poland, Canada
and Greece.
You should be aware of this, since they are the largest military force in the
world by far. The problem for America
is that only France and the U.K. are loyal
to us. The rest are NOT going to back us when World War III kicks off. We are
going to be vaporized.

By the way, the total collapse of the European Union is
just a matter of time.
It is inevitable. Old Hag May sabotaged Brexit.
The people voted to leave the EU, and she made sure that didn’t happen. France is the lynch pin, and France is
collapsing every day. You cannot have a multicultural prosperous, affluent,
educated industrial country. That is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. This
has never happened and never will.




Senile in Omaha
is one of the richest men in the world. His totally overrated BRKA stock is now
74% invested in 10 corporations. All 10 are losers. In the last six months here
is what they have done:

Apple (APPL) 220 down to 140

Bank of America (BAC) 32 down to 22

Wells Fargo (WFC) 60 down to 44

Coca Cola (KO) down 50 to 46

Kraft (KHC) 55 down to 43

Amex (AXP) 110 down to 90

Bancorp of America (PBAM) 27 down to 22

Moody’s (MCO) 190 down to 130

Goldman Sachs (GS) 240 down to 156(!)

J.P. Morgan (JPM) 118 to 92




This is what America
has come to folks. Here is a typical, “traditional” family Christmas
gathering. You see this everywhere you go. People now have digital



“The American people will never knowingly
adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every
fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation,
without knowing how it happened”.  – Norman Thomas (U.S. Socialist Party
presidential candidate from 1928 to 1948)


“Socialism is the bridge to communism”-


WORLD- 30,000 TONS

There are only 30,000 tons of available silver bullion on
earth. If this was distributed to all 7.6 billion people, everyone would get
about 1 gram (equal to a small paperclip). Almost no one owns silver or gold.
J.P. Morgan has about 500 million ounces in their vaults. Follow the winner. Do
what the Big Banks do. Buy silver bullion and hold it yourself. Put everything
you have into silver you hold personally. The eight year (April 2011)
correction is almost over. One probable last downdraft and we have the Final
Bottom. The disappointment is almost over. If silver very badly to like $10 or $12
buy all you can. Take out a loan on your house if you have to.



In 2001 Ariel Sharon said “Every time we do something you
tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something
very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish
people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

He was the Israeli Prime
Minister from 2001 to 2006.




When he was younger Buffett was a smart investor. He said
when the stock market caps are overvalued versus the GNP there will be a
collapse to normalize them. History prove this. Here is the Wilshire 5000
versus the GNP. You can clearly see the 2000 crash, the 2008 crash and the
coming (probably) 2019 crash. The ratio is up to an insane 146 to 1. This
works. This proven indicator is telling us a 50% stock crash is overdue. The
DJI alone has already fallen 5,000 points from about 27,000 to 22,000. It’s
going to about 13,500. This is just more proof a stock crash is overdue. Be
prepared for it.



Forecasts and predictions are for valid psychics. However,
if you take a close look at today, you can see tomorrow. Important events
always cast their shadows before them. The stock market is already crashing, dropping 5,000 points
between 27,000 and  22,000.

2019 should be the Dow crash to about 13,000. The real
estate market is already crashing. You’ll see home prices literally cut in half
this time. The median U.S. $230,000 home will be closer to $100,000 by the time
it is all over. That could take years however. Gold will be a good investment.
Silver will be an even better one. After one more downdraft by the Big Banks,
the 8 year correction will be finally over. Silver is the most undervalued asset on
The dollar may hold up in 2019, but it probably won’t. This is
too complex a situation to predict. All currencies on earth are in a race to
the bottom. Not one of them has any value at all. Oil will probably stay at the
$40 and under level because the world economy is crashing. This is good for
your gas tank, but it is NOT good for you overall. Low oil prices show a sick
world economy. Oil prices cannot be predicted, as they are strongly politically
determined. Unemployment will go up. It is already over 20%, and the 4%
government figures are preposterous. The police state will increase terribly.
Homeland Insecurity will start using biometrics like iris scans, digital fingerprints,
facial recognition, and other oppressive techniques to control the sheeple. The
prisons will continue to overfill. We already lock up more people per capita by
far than any other country. Legalizing marijuana nationwide will just make the
sheeple more passive, complacent, apathetic, and easier to control and brainwash.
The standard of living will continue to fall towards Third
World standards. The millenials are brain dead, clueless, and
hopeless. They will elect a full blown communist in 2020. You’ll see more store
and mall closings, and more businesses fail. Nothing good is ahead of us folks.
Prepare for what is coming. Be prepared. Just be prepared. Sell any stocks,
bonds, money markets, annuities, etc., and buy physical silver bullion you hold
personally in your own hot little hands. Silver is your financial savior.

Isn’t it funny that socialism and communism are so wonderful
that they are  MANDATORY and enforced by
a heavily armed military. Gun ownership is always banned of course. Thanks to
the Patriot Post.