The oil tanker attack on June 13 was obviously staged. This could happen Monday or next month. Be ready. Be prepared. Oil should double from $52 to $100. Load up on gasoline. China, Russia, and a long list of other countries may well retaliate. The entire world is tired of our arrogance and evil warmongering. They can see America for what it is- a desperate, struggling, dying empire, with a big mouth and no teeth. Watch the 15 minute Greg Mannarino video on this Google “Greg Mannarino + Expect U.S. Imminent Military Strike on Iran.”). Watch the 14 minute Jimmy Dore Video on this (Google “Jimmy Dore + Proof U.S. is Provoking Iran into War”). Greg is too scared to say Israel is the real cause of this, and blames it on the “oil price and Petrodollar”. Jimmy Dore is a liberal(!!!). but names Israel and Saudi Arabia. As of Friday, oil and gold are NOT reacting to this. You really seriously should listen to the Jimmy Dore video.
Takes 15 seconds to Google it. Very informative.

“One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them.” — Thomas Sowell

How many of you have been stabbed in the back by someone you thought could never do such a thing? All of you, right? The older you get, the more you realize most people are just no damned good. The older we get the less we like people, and the more we like dogs!


On the 31st the COT report showed the commercials are still 110,000 net short gold futures contracts. HOWEVER, they are now 1,000 net LONG silver futures. This is the second time now they have actually been net long silver in the last 30 years. Don’t get too excited though. This sounds good only on the surface. Silver only went up a mere five cents on Friday, while gold was up $17. If this report was valid, why would silver only go up a nickel? Nothing changed when they went long just about two years ago. (Monday the 10th- silver just fell 28 cents.)
DO NOT BE IMPRESSED with the temporary strength in the metals and miners. This is not the Final Bottom. We are still in long term bear trends with silver, gold, SIL, GLD, SLV, HUI, and XAU. The silver open interest is about 217,000 contracts, which is bad for us. J.P. Morgan and their friends are still steering the wheel.
On the 7th the COT report was terrible! The commercials added 63,000 gold shorts, and are now 173,000 net short futures. They added 14,000 silver shorts, and are now 12,000 net short futures.,
On the 14th the COT report it was worse than ever. The commercials now have 202,000 net short gold contracts and 25,000 net short silver contracts.

Let’s talk about the weekly COT report. This is the second time the commercials went net long silver, yet nothing happened. This is not audited. You cannot use it to trade and make a profit. It is most probably disinformation, and an important part of the gold and silver manipulation by the Big Bankers, especially JPM. This makes the manipulation more effective and more insidious. If the COT report was accurate, you could use it to trade profitably. You simply cannot continue to have silver at $2 below the cost of production, when supply is falling and demand is rising. You just cannot do that year after year. Reality doesn’t work that way. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth. The stock markets, bond markets, and real estate are the most overvalued on earth. Derivatives far, far worse. ALL PAPER WILL BE WORTH PAPER. Never forget that. All paper will be worth paper eventually. Gold and silver have been the only real money for 5,000 years now. Silver is six times better than gold and will return to its classic, historical ratio of about 15 to 1 versus gold. It is now an incredible 90 to 1!!! Garbage like cybercurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin) are proof this is End Times. The great unwashed masses are completely psychotic. Mere computer entries can never have any intrinsic value. Cybers are digital tulip bulbs.


The actual National Debt is actually well over $200 trillion, not a mere $22 trillion. That is about $600,000 per person in America. That means every baby child, teenager, adult and the elderly owe $600,000 each. That will be paid. All debts get paid. It will be paid in the form of the worst depression and financial collapse this world has ever seen. This chart shows you things were fine until about the Magic Time of 1970. That is when America clearly took the pathway to Hell in every way possible.


You can see by this chart since the 1970 area the National Debt has gone ballistic. In the last 50 years this country has gone completely insane. This really, seriously understates the matter. The official figure of $22 trillion in National Debt is a fantasy. This fantasy is endlessly repeated by over 90% of the newsletters you see. A family of four owes $2.4 million in debt. This is just incomprehensible. All debts get paid all the time every time by the buyer or the seller. The government is not going to pay the debt- you are. You will pay it in the form of the worst depression the world has ever seen. All debts get paid all the time every time. They don’t just go away.


In the chart below you see that HALF of Congress are millionaires. Some up to $120 million. Now ask yourself how they did this on a salary of $174,000- after luxurious lifestyle expenses.



“Some may call it Communism, but I call it what it is: Judaism.” Rabbi Stephen Weiss.
“Anti-Communism is Antisemitism.” Jewish Voice, July1941


I have enjoyed working here these past several years. You have paid me very well, and given me benefit beyond belief.
I have 3-4 months off per year. and a pension plan that will pay my salary till the day I die. Then it will pay my estate a one year salary death bonus, and continue to pay my spouse my salary- with increases- until she or he dies, as well as a health plan that most people only dream of having.
Despite this, I plan to take the next 12-18 months to find a new position. During this time, I will show up for work when it is convenient for me. In addition, I fully expect to draw my full salary and all the other perks associated with my current job.
Oh yes, if my search for this new job proves fruitless, I will be coming back with no loss in pay or status Before you say any-thing, remember that you have no choice in this matter. I can, and will, do this.
Every Senator and Congressman running for President in 2020


Now the search engines are so censored you can no longer look up the truth about anything. Unpopular opinions are not allowed anymore. Search Google for “fake Virginia Beach shooting” and you’ll only get fake news. Use the other search engines and you still can’t get any real information. It was just another fake mass shooting to take your guns away. Using a small suppressor on a .45 caliber pistol has almost no effect, and makes the weapon bulkier and harder to use. The fake shooting took place in a GUN FREE building. The Chief of Police in Virginia Beach is an avowed gun hater. He was forced to admit that no amount of further gun laws would have prevented the fake shooting. Now the entire Virginia legislature is racing to pass more anti-gun laws. This fake shooting was really about stopping the legalization of suppressors. Now there won’t be any Internet exposes on the coming fake shootings- or the past shootings. THE FIRST AMENDMENT IS ALREADY GONE. The Internet is now censored. It was the last bastion of free speech in the entire world.


No airliner hit the Pentagon for God’s sake! No wreckage was on the lawn. The two towers were taken down by thermite explosives that had been placed there by American and Israeli agents. Tower 7 was not even hit by an airplane. It just magically fell on its own??? Thermite was planted in all three towers.



Whenever you turn on the TV Fake News is all you hear are the words “liberal” “progressive”, and “democracy”. He warned us at Times Square in 1944.



Here is what Neocon Mike said at West Point last month. West Point used to use ABILITY as their criteria for admission. Now they use affirmative action. They now have female officers, and accept any ‘deprived race’ regardless of their lack of ability. He is warning us we will attack China, Korea, China, and the Mideast.
“You will fight on a battlefield for America … You will lead soldiers in combat. It will happen. Some of you will join the fight against radical Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some of you will join the fight on the Korean Peninsula and in the Indo-Pacific, where North Korea continues to threaten the peace, and an increasingly militarized China challenges our presence. Some of you will join the fight in Europe, where an aggressive Russia seeks to redraw international boundaries by force. And some of you may even be called upon to serve in this hemisphere. And when that day comes, I know you will move to the sound of the guns … and you will fight, and you will win. Put your armor on warriors, so that when- not if- that day comes, you’ll be able to stand your ground.”


America has no reason at all to continue to threaten Iran. We are now sending warships to their coast. We just sent our largest and best warship, the U.S.S. Lincoln, to their coast. This carries 70 aircraft. We are now threatening the Iranian people by flying attack jets over them daily. We should have a good relationship with Iran. We should be active trading partners with them. The only reason we are going to war with Iran is for the Greater Expansion of the Israeli Empire. Also, to make Saudi Arabia happy. They are close friends with Israel strangely enough. In fact, all the evil wars of aggression in the Mideast have been fought for the Greater Good of Israel. Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, wanted Israel to expand from, “the river of Egypt to the Euphrates”. This is called the Oded Yinon Plan, and is an integral pillar of the ruling Likud party. This now includes parts of Egypt, Jordon, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. Satanyahu has Trump fight these wars for him. Israeli IDF soldiers never fight these wars. Our soldiers are anything but, “brave patriots fighting for freedom”. They are cannon fodder fighting and dying for the expansion of the Israeli empire. And you’re paying the bill. If you really support our troops THEN BRING THEM HOME. The Big Question is, “why are we fighting Israel’s wars?” Because Israel owns the heart and soul of everyone in Congress. Yes, everyone in Congress has their primary allegiance to Israel with America in second place. All 535 of them. We should have no troops at all outside of the U.S. We should shut down every military base not on U.S. soil.



There is a major illusion about drug legalization that, “everyone would be on drugs” if they were all legal. Baloney. All drugs were legal for 137 years in America. For 106 years we have been locking up innocent people for no good reason. Only about 3% of the population had a dependence problem prior to 1913. They were outcasts, not criminals. Like many alcoholics today. Coca is legal in countries like Peru and Bolivia. People drink cocaine tea like we drink coffee. So what? Marijuana is legal in many countries like Canada. Countries like the Czech Republic and Portugal legalized drug possession years ago. Mexico legalized drug possession in 2009. You can buy oxycodeine and hydrocodeine in pharmacies without a prescription. The Netherlands have legal magic mushrooms. People who want to take “shrooms” freely do so, and don’t cause any problems. Who cares? DRUG USE FELL IN ALL THESE COUNTRIES. We would empty our prisons, free up the courts, and let the police arrest criminals if all drugs were legal. Drug dependence is Boring with a capital B. When drugs are legal, there is no forbidden allure, no “sexiness”, no rebellion. Many police officers would like to see drug legalization, so they can do real police work and arrest real criminals. They are often afraid to say this publicly. They will say this on private police blogs though.
In the last Rant we reported that President Obrador in Mexico is going to legalize all drugs from 2019 to 2004. This will put an end to the lawlessness, violence, anarchy, murders, and all the other problems from drug cartels, THAT DRUG LAWS CAUSE. There will be no more drug cartels. Anyone will be able to buy their drug of choice for a dollar. Mexico will become a real country again. Why has the media refused to report this? Is it a secret? Guess so. In America medical marijuana is legal in 33 states and recreational in 10 states- and Washington, DC. Within two years it will simply be legal in America, like it is in Canada. Then you’ll see more cities legalize psilocybin mushrooms.

People who do commit crimes while high on drugs would get DOUBLED PENALTIES. Driving while impaired on ANYTHING would result in a prison sentence with no chance of probation or parole. This especially refers to alcohol. Only people over 18 would be allowed to possess drugs.

We were just in Mexico. You can walk into a pharmacy (not near the cruise ship docks though) and buy opiates for $15. The street price here is $10. THERE IS NO OPIATE (not “opiode”) CRISIS IN MEXICO. People are not lined up at the counter. The clerks aren’t stealing the pills. No armed robbers come in. No one breaks in at night. It’s just no big deal anymore. No one cares. It’s a non-issue. Please explain why we have an opiate epidemic and they don’t.


“The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” – H.L. Mencken


Do you really think you can escape Police State America, and flee to some “ex-pat heaven”. Good luck on that. The least worst socialist hellholes in the world were Australia and New Zealand. Both are now official police states. No more benign European socialism. Never forget that socialism is the bridge to communism. Lenin said that almost 150 years ago.

Here is a letter from a man in New Zealand:
Yes, things are very grim here. We are now afraid to speak freely. If we talk openly, we’ll be seen as racists and supremacists. Then we’ll face a police investigation- or worse. Sadly, there is widespread support for the gun confiscation laws that were passed by parliament. Now we have no protection from the government at all. Or an invasion by China. They have wanted to annex NZ for decades now. The terrible erosion of civil liberties and free speech followed the banning of the fake shooting manifesto, and ridiculous mosque video, doesn’t bother the sheeple at all. Anyone who saw that video knew what a poorly done hoax it was. The government no longer tolerates free access to truth and facts. Just like Orwell predicted. I’m afraid for the first time in my life. We are now a police state by any reasonable measure. The worst part of all this is that is wasn’t forced on us at all. The people here are so stupid they love slavery and hate freedom.

Here is a letter from a man in Australia:
We had our Federal election here in Australia. The socialist/communist labor party got in. The sheeple can’t see they will open the gates to the scumbag “refugees” who want to change us to the hell holes they came from. Labor leader, Soros Puppet Bill Shorton, is pushing the Green New Deal. The same crap pushed by your Democrats. Our commie puppet is seriously pushing 50% electric cars by 2030, yet they have shut down our coal power stations. We have the fourth largest coal reserves in the world. We have 1,000 years of known coal, but they politicians refuse to use any of it. They push the wind and solar fantasy. Our population has doubled since they built our last power station. They closed down our last oil refinery, now all our fuel comes from Singapore by boat. We have a 3 week supply of oil despite the fact we have 4 billion known barrels of oil reserves. Billions more were just discovered in the Outback. We are sitting on oceans of unused oil. So, we have almost no electricity, yet they will force us to get cars that need massive power production. Also, we do not even have the infra-structure to charge these cars
Our constitution starts with, “Her Majesty the Queen…” At least yours starts with “We the people . . ” God help us.


Yes, this 1,004 s.f. (20’ X 25’) old shack in Culver City (11135 Barman Ave.) at is listed for $1.2 million. This state has the biggest real estate bubble in the entire world, and it is bursting as you are reading this. As goes California, so goes the nation. Our entire country is now experiencing the first stages of a real estate collapse. This will accelerate as it continues. When home prices are high, rents are also just as high. People can’t even afford to rent now. Smart people are fleeing this state in droves. Morons are staying here. Governor Newsom is running it into the ground even worse than Moonbeam. Just watch Commiefornia to see your future. Yes, it is that simple. They are running out of water and using toilet to tap water in many places. That’s a great idea, right? They can’t supply electricity to 40 million people, but are closing all the coal, nuclear, and natural gas plants. Useless wind-mills and solar panels are everywhere. ONLY HYDROCARBONS- oil, diesel, kerosene, and gasoline- will save them, but they are being totally banned. Windmills and solar panels (and biofuels) are USELESS. They don’t work, can’t work, and never will work. Nuclear “works”, but the waste disposal problem is simply insurmountable. They have been completely bankrupt for decades now, yet they spend more every day. Now all illegals will get free health care.



If you like psychology, you’ll love cruise ships. On this one you have 2,800 people to watch. There are 2,800 people to watch (plus crew) every day. This is a high end 5.5 star ship. (The 6.0 star ships charge $1,000 to $2,000 per day per couple, but actually give you less.) You would be amazed at how many low lives, welfare recipients, hillbillies, and trailer trash somehow come up with $500 per day per couple to get on ships like this. It seems most people cruise to stuff their face 16 hours a day, and drink alcohol 14 hours a day (the bars don’t open until 10:00 AM). Obesity is pandemic to say the least. Alcohol brings out the real you of course. Stupidity abounds. Very few black people cruise (like 2%) for some reason. Latinos love to cruise. Some Latino women wear thong bathing suits that completely expose their buttocks. This is considered “classy”. Asians are rare. If you have young children you do not want to get on a cruise ship, except for special child-oriented ships like Disney. That doesn’t stop the stupid. They even bring infants in arms. Like sheep, they love to congregate with other sheep. The main deck pool area is hot, loud, noisy, and a band plays at top level most of the day. This is where 90% of them go. The quiet adults only solarium doesn’t attract many. You see a good number of white women bring their black boyfriends. They pay over $4,000 a week for the trip, since their boyfriend is “between jobs”, and “promises to pay her back”. There is lots of gourmet, ethnic, and exotic food on 5.5 star ships. However, people line up for hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, and of course lots of ketchup. Go figure. Why bother to cruise? You have to stand in line for ice cream it’s so popular. Of course the senior citizens hold up the lines because they don’t know what day it is. You see obese people with plates piled high with desserts. Most people are not only old and obese, but obviously horribly sickly, impaired, and with serious illnesses. This is very understandable (and sad) since they know they will die soon. They just want to really enjoy themselves one last time before passing on. Everyone is very happy and friendly, especially the drunker they get. Cruise ships really are friendly places. It seems their everyday lives aren’t so happy, and this is always the highlight of the year. This is also very understandable. After paying thousands of dollars for their dream cruise many people spend all day on their mobile devices. The young really live and die on their electronic umbilical cords. Why leave the house if you’re going to spend all day texting the morons you know? Here you are on a 5.5 star luxury ship where you should be having the time of your life!!!


Denmark has large oil and gas reserves in the North Sea. So large that they are number 32 in world oil and gas EXPORTERS. Nevertheless, they try to depend on wind turbines for energy!!! Windmills are next to useless for energy for a list of reasons. They have never worked. and will never work. People actually ride old broken down bicycles to the train stations. Yes, elderly people in the dead of winter in the snow and rain. Why crappy bicycles? Because someone will cut the chain and steal them if they have a decent one. Few people have a car in Denmark. Their standard of living is terrible and they are deeply in debt. Highest taxes in the entire world. Everything is highly taxed from your salary to everything you purchase. Taxes go up every year. Just imagine paying 25% sales tax for everything you buy!!! Imagine you are, say, a doctor and make $100,000 a year. You would pay $68,000 in tax and be left with only $32,000. Plus all the endless other taxes you would keep paying.

Most people live in old cheap small World War II apartments. Everything is expensive, especially rents, food, and utilities. Yet, every year they vote for more poverty and more slavery. Promiscuity, alcoholism, drug abuse, and psych drugs are pandemic in Denmark because people are depressed. They’re depressed because their lives have no meaning living under socialism. They have no self respect at all. They do not hope, yearn, or dream for anything, because they know nothing will ever get better for them. They have simply resigned themselves to poverty and slavery. As Huxley said in Brave New World, “they have come to love their slavery.”


Watch the fake news about Iran. This gets worse every day. Years ago we warned you America would attack Iran. This is serious stuff folks. Just err on the side of caution. Load up on gasoline. Watch the price of oil and gold. See you in July.

Always standing watch for you,

The Jimmy Dore video has been banished from the Internet. A half hour search came up with nothing. All truth is being banned online.You can find it at:

This is the best video in months and funny as well.

FACIAL RECOGNITION IS HERE. On Saturday we came back to the U.S. and everyone got facial recognition photos. soon they will be on your drivers license. then airports, train stations, bus stations, shopping malls, sports events, schools, concerts and every other public domain will have facial recognition cameras. 1984 and Brave New World are here. it’s all over folks. the future gets blacker every day.